Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Tedium...

Previously, I've written the titles, authors and descriptions of various books on little index cards, for my own evil purposes of keeping track... evilly! (Not surprisingly, this began during the Time Of No Computer, or TONC, as it is known among my tortured creations.)

I have so many cards that, before I add any more to my collection, I've decided to write them all down in my computer so that I can just consult the list to make sure I don't already have the card, rather than go through the trouble of flipping through this huge stack!

This is but one of the many massive undertakings I have been doing in order to further my evil science writing purposes, but why am I telling you about this one? Because -- you can see the results!

Abducted (How People Come to Believe...) -* Susan Clancy
Absinthe & Flamethrowers -- William Gurstelle
(The) Age of Wonder -- Richard Holmes
Aladdin's Lamp -- John Freely
Almost Everyone's Guide to Science *- John Gribbin
Amber -- Andrew Ross
Among the Great Apes -- Paul Raffaele
Antimatter -- Frank Close
Archimedes to Hawking -- Clifford Pickover
Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries? *- Martin Gardner
Autonomous Robots -- George A Bekey

Before the Big Bang -- Brian Clegg
Beneath the Metropolis -- Alex Marshall
Beyond Human -- Benford & Malartre
Beyond UFOS -- Jeffrey Bennett
Big Fish -- Richard Ellis
(The) Bigger Bang *- James E Lidsey
Big Ideas -- Ira Flatow (narrator)
(The) Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants -- Stuppy, Kesseler & Harley
(The) Black Hole War -- Leonard Susskind
(The) Book of Nothing *-John D Barrow
(The) Book of Vice -- Peter Sagal
(The) Borderlands of Science *- Michael Shermer
Born Digital -- Palfrey & Gasser
(The) Botany of Desire -- Michael Pollan
Boxen -- C S Lewis
(The) Brain That Changes Itself -- Norman Doridge
Brains That Work a little bit differently *- Bragdon & Gamon
Breaking the Spell -- Daniel C Dennett
But is it Science? -- Pennock & Ruse
Buyology -- Martin Lindstrom

(The) Canon -- Natalie Angier
(The) Carbon Age -- Eric Roston
Catching Fire -- Richard Wrangham
Cat's Paws and Catapults *- Steven Vogel
Cave Canem -- Lorna Robinson
Censoring Science -- Mark Bowen
Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species -- Illustrated by Fuller & Keller
Chases and Escapes -- Paul J Nahin
Children of Prometheus *- Christopher Wills
Circumference -- Nicholas Nicastro
(The) Coming Convergence -- Stanley Schmidt
(The) Complete Ice Age -- Brian M Fagan
Complexity -- Melanie Mitchell
Condemned Knowledge -- ?not found
Consciousness (an Introduction) *- Susan Blackmore
Consciousness (a user's guide) *- Adam Zeman
Corrupted Science *- John Grant
Cosmic Jackpot -- Paul Davies
(The) Counter-Creationism Handbook -- Mark Isaak
Counterknowledge -- Damian Thompson
Crashing Through -- Robert Kurson
(The) Crime of Reason -- Robert B Laughlin
Cro-Magnon -- Brian Fagan
(The) Crowded Universe -- Alan Boss
Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway -- Johnson & Troll
Cyclopedia Anatomicae -- Gyorgy Feher

Darwinian Detectives -- Norman A Johnson
Darwinian Dynamics *- Richard E Michod
(The) Day We Found The Universe -- Marcia Bartusiak
Death By Black Holes -- Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Death From The Skies! -- Phil Plait
Deep Brain Stimulation -- Jamie Talan
De La Metrie's Ghost -- Chris Nunn
Denialism -* Michael Specter
(The) Department of Mad Scientists -- Michael Belfiore
(The) Devious Book for Cats -- Ginsberg & Sherman
Did Time Begin? Will Time End? -- Paul Frampton
Digital Soul *- Thomas M Georges
Discarded Science *- John Grant
Distory -- Robert Schnakenberg
(The) Dragons of Eden *- Carl Sagan
Drawing the Line * Steven M Wise
Dread -- Philip Alcabes
(The) Drunkard's Walk -* Leonard Mlodinow

(The) Earth Moves -- Dan Hofstadter
Eating the Sun -- Oliver Morton
(The) Edge of Physics -- Anil Ananthaswamy
Ecology *- Eugene P Odum
(The) Ego Tunnel -- Thomas Metzinger
Einstein's Mistakes -- Hans Ohanian
Einstein's Telescope -- Evalyn Gates
Einstein's Universe *- A. Zee
(The) Elephant's Secret Sense -- Caitlin O'Connel
(The) Elegant Universe *- Brian Greene
Embracing the Wide Sky -- Daniel Tammet
(The) Emotion Machine -- Marvin Minsky
(The) Emporer of Scent *- Chandler Burr
Endless Forms Most Beautiful *- Sean Carroll
(The) Ethical Brain -- Michael Gazzaniga
Eureka Man -- Alan Hirshfeld
Ever Since Darwin *- Stephen Jay Gould
Every Living Thing -- Rob Dunn
Evidence of Evolution -- Mary Ellen Hannibal
Evolution *- Carl Zimmer
Evolutionary Medicine -- Trevathan & McKenna
Evolution for Everyone -- David Sloan Wilson
Evolution vs Creationism -- Eugenie Scott
Exercises for the Whole Brain *- Bragdon & Fellows
Exploring Consciousness *- Rita Carter

(The) Faith Instinct -- Nicholas Wade
(The) Faith of Scientists -- Nancy K Frankenberry
Faux Real -- Robert Kanigel
Feeding the Fire -- Mark E Eberhart
(The) Feeling of What Happens *- Antonio Damasio
Finding Our Tongues -- Dean Falk
(The) First Word *- Christine Keneally
Fixing My Gaze -- Susan R Barry
Flat Earth -- Christine Garwood
Forbidden Knowledge -- Roger Shattuck
(The) Formation of the Solar System -- Michael Woolfson
Fossil Legends of the First Americans -* Adrienne Mayor
From Eternity to Here -- Sean Carroll
From Genesis to Genetics *- John A Moore
(The) Fundamental Constants -- Harald Fritzsch
(The) Future of the Brain *- Steven Rose

(The) The Geek's Guide to Word Domination -- Garth Sundem
Genesis -- Robert M Hazen
(The) Genius Engine -- Kathleen Stein
(The) Genius of China -- Robert Temple
Geologica -- Robert R Coenroads
Giant Molecules -- Walter Gratzer
Glut -- Alex Wright
Godel, Escher, Bach *-Douglas R Hofstadter
Good Germs, Bad Germs -- Jessica Snyder Sachs
(The) Great Betrayal *- Horace Freeland Judson
(The) Greatest Science Stories Never Told -- Rick Beyer
(The) Greatest Show on Earth *- Richard Dawkins

(The) Hazards of Space Travel -- Neil F Comins
Head Cases -- Michael Paul Mason
Heaven's Touch -- James B Kaler
Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes *- Stephen Jay Gould
Heroes, Rogues and Lovers *- Dabbs & Dabbs
(The) Hidden Brain -- Shankar Vedantam
Hidden Evidence (2nd ed.) -- David Owen
(The) History of Astronomy -- Couper & Henbest
Hollywood Science -- Sidney Perkowitz
Hope For Animals And Their World -- Jane Goodall
How Brains Make Up Their Minds *- Walter J Freeman
How Does One Cut a Triangle (2nd ed) -- Alexander Soifer
How It Ends -- Chris Impey
How Language Works *- David Crystal
How Math Can Save Your Life -- James D Stein
How Mathematicians Think -- William Byers
How Mathematics Happened -- Peter S Rudman
How Physics Confronts Reality -- Roger Newton
How the Mind Works *- Steven Pinker
How to Build a Mind *- Igor Aleksander
How to Defeat Your Own Clone -- Kurpinski & Johnson
How to Live on Mars -- Robert Zubrin
How to Solve It -- G Polya
How We Decide -- Jonah Lehrer
How We Live and Why We Die -- Lewis Wolpert
Human -- Michael S Gazzaniga
Human Biology (6th ed.) -- Daniel Chiras
(The) Human Brain Book -- Parker, Aldridge, Carter
(The) Human Career -- Richard G Klein
Human Origins -- De Salle & Tattersall
(The) Hungry Scientist Handbook -- Buckley & Binns

I Am A Strange Loop -- Douglas Hofstadter
Ig Nobel Prizes -- Marc Abrahams
Imagined Worlds *- Freeman Dyson
Impossible? -- Julian Havil
(An) Incomplete Education (revised) -- Jones & Wilson
(The) Infinite Gift -- Charles Yang
In the Beat of a Heart *- John Whitfield
In Search of Deep Time *- Henry Gee
Inside the Animal Mind * George Page
Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics *- Robert T Pennock
Intelligent Thought *- John Brockman
Inverted Bowl -- George H A Cole
(The) Invisible Kingdom -- Idan Ben-Barak
Irreligion -- John Allen Paulos
It Looked Good on Paper -- Bill Fawcett
It Takes a Genome -- Greg Gibson

(The) Joy of Physics -- Arthur Wiggins

Kaleidoscope Sky -- Tim Herd
(The) Kingdom of Infinite Space -- Raymond Tallis
Kluge -- Gary Marcus
Knowing the Nature of Physical Law -- Michael Munowitz

(The) Language Instinct *- Steven Pinker
(The) Legacy of the Mastodon -- Keith Thomson
Lewis Carroll in Numberland -- Robin Wilson
Liars, Lovers and Heroes *- Quartz & Sejnowski
Liasons of Life *- Tom Wakeford
Lies, Damned Lies and Science -- Sherry Seethaler
Life Ascending -- Nick Lane
(The) Lightness of Being -- Frank Wilczek
(The) Little Book of Pandemics -- Peter Moore
Lives of the Planets -- Richard Corfield
(The) Living Cosmos -- Chris Impey
Logicomix -- Papadimitriou, Papaditos, Donna, Doxiadis
Loneliness -- William Patrick
Long For This World -- Jonathan Weiner
(The) Long Thaw -- David Archer
Lost Christianities -- Bart Ehrman
(The) Lucifer Effect *- Philip Zimbardo

(The) Magnetic Universe -- J B Zirker
(The) Making of the Fittest *- Sean B Carroll
(The) Making of Intelligence *- Ken Richardson
Mannhatta -- Eric W Sanderson
Many Skies *- Arthur Upgren
Mathematics and Common Sense -- Philip J Davis
Mendel in the Kitchen -- Fedroff & Brown
Mental Floss -- Magazine, books and games!
Milestones of Civilization -- Blandford & Davidson
(The) Mind and the Brain *- Schwartz & Begley
Mindless Eating -- Brian Wansink
(The) Mind of the Market -- Michael Shermer
(The) Mind's Past *- Michael Gazzaniga
Mind Wide Open *- Steven Johnson
Mirroring People -- Marco Iacoboni
Misquoting Jesus -- Bart Ehrman
(The) Misunderstood Gene *- Michael Morange
(The) Monty Hall Problem -- Jason Rosenhouse
(The) Moon -- Michael Carlowicz
More Than Genes -- Dan Agin
(The) Mother Tongue *- Bill Bryson
Multiplicity Yours -- Hwa A Lim
(The) Museum of Hoaxes *- Alex Boese
Musicophilia -- Oliver Sacks
My Stroke of Insight -- Jill Bolte Taylor
Mythematics -- Michael Huber

Nanosciences -- Joachim & Plevert
(A) Natural History of Seeing -* Simon Ings
Nature Loves to Hide *- Shimon Malin
(The) Nature of Space and Time -- Hawking & Penrose
(The) Nature of Technology -- W Brian Arthur
Nature's Blueprint *- Dan Hooper
Negative Math -- Alberto A Martinez
(The) Neuro Revolution -- Zack Lynch
(The) Neuroscience of Fair Play -- Donald W Pfaff
Never Shower in a Thunderstorm -- Anahad O'Connor
(The) New Atheism -- Victor Stenger
(The) New Encyclopedia of Unbelief -- Tom Flynn
New Theories of Everything -- John D Barrow
(The) New Time Travelers -- David Toomey
(The) New Worlds -- Casdi & Encrenaz
(The) Nine Numbers of the Cosmos *- Michael Rowan-Robinson
(The) Noble Lie -- Gary Greenberg
No Plot? No Problem! -* Chris Baty
Number Freaking -- Gary Rimmer

(100) One Hundred Most Important Science Ideas -- Henderson, Crilly & Baker
One Hundred Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know -- John D Barrow
Only A Theory -- Kenneth Miller
On Writing -- Stephen King
Origamics -- Kazuo Haga
(The) Origin of Species *- Charles Darwin (eds. 1 and 6)
(The) Other Brain -- R Douglas Fields
Out of Thin Air -- Peter Ward
(The) Oxford Dictionary of World Histories -- Glynnis Chantrell

Pain *- Patrick Wall
(The) Panda's Thumb *- Stephen Jay Gould
Particle or Wave -- Charis Anastopoulos
(The) Pea and the Sun -- Leonard Wapner
(The) Pedant's Revolt -- Andrea Barham
People And The Sky -- Anthony Aveni
(The) Perfect Swarm -- Len Fisher
Physical Geography -- McKnight & Hess
Physics of the Impossible -- Michio Kaku
(The) Plausibility of Life *- Kirschner & Gerhart
(The) Pleasure Instinct -- Gene Wallenstein
Poisons -- Peter Macinnis
(The) Political Mind -- George Lakoff
(The) Politics of Jesus -- Obery Hendricks Jr
(The) Portable Atheist -- Christopher Hitchens
(A) Portrait of the Brain -- Adam Zemen
(The) Power Makers -- Maury Klein
(The) Power of Critical Thinking -- Lewis Vaughn
Predictably Irrational -- Dan Ariely
Prehistoric Life -- editors of Dorling Kindersley
(The) Primate Family Tree -- Ian Redmond
Prime Mover *- Steven Vogel
Principles of Toxicology -- Stine & Brown
Probably Not -- Lawrence N Dworsky
Programming the Universe -- Seth Lloyd

Q Is For Quantum *- John Gribbin
Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction ** Wynn & Wiggins
(The) Quantum Zoo -- Marcus Chown

Reading in the Brain -- Stanislas Dehaene
Reinventing Gravity *- John W Moffat
Reinventing the Sacred -- Stuart A Kauffman
Relics of Eden -- Daniel J Fairbanks
Remarkable Creatures -- Sean B Carroll
(The) Republican War on Science -* Chris Mooney
(The) Richness of Life -- Gould & Rose
Riddled With Life -- Marlene Zuk
Rock, Paper, Scissors -- Len Fisher
Robots Unlimited -- David Levy
(The) Runaway Universe *- Donald Goldsmith

Science and Nonbelief -- Taner Edis
Science at the Edge -- John Brockman
(The) Science of Fear -- Daniel Gardner
(The) Science of Liberty -- Timothy Ferris
Science Friction *- Michael Shermer
(The) Science of Aliens *- Clifford Pickover
(The) Science of Good & Evil *- Michael Shermer
Scientists and Scoundrels -- Robert Silverberg
(The) Score -- Faye Flam
(The) Secret Pulse of Time -- Stefan Klein
See What I'm Saying -- Lawrence D Rosenblum
Sensory Exotica *- Howard C Hughes
Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World -- Michael Benton
Sexing the Brain *- Lesley Rodgers
Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream -- Jennifer Ackerman
Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers -- Marty Crump
Six Degrees -- Mark Lynas
Skeptics and True Believers *- Chet Raymo
(The) Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal *- Lynne Kelly
Slam-dunks and No-Brainers -- Leslie Susan
(The) Smartest Animals on the Planet -- Sally Boysen
Snake Oil Science -- R Barker Bausell
Sneakiest Uses For Everyday Things -- Cy Tymony
Spycraft -- Wallace, Melton, Schlessinger
Stem Cell Research -- Joseph Panno
Still Life -- Melissa Milgrom
Strange Matters *- Tom Siegfried
Strickberger's Evolution -- Hall & Hallgrimsson
(A) Stubbornly Persistent Illusion -- Stephen Hawking
(The) Stuff of Life -- Zander & Cannon
(The) Stuff of Thought -- Steven Pinker
Stumbling on Happiness *- Daniel Gilbert
Sudden Origins *- Jeffrey Schwartz
Sun in a Bottle -- Charles Seife
Supernatural Selection -* Matt J Rossano
(The) Superorganism -- Holldobler & EO Wilson
Superstition -- Robert L Park
Surfing Through Hypserspace *- Clifford A Pickover

Tales From the Underground *- David Wolfe
Talk to the Hand -- Lynne Truss
(A) Tear at the Edge of Creation -- Marcelo Glesier
(The) Ten Most Beautiful Experiments -- George Johnson
(The 10,000) Ten Thousand Year Explosion -- Cochran & Harpending
Terra -- Michael Novacek
That Book of Perfectly Useless Information (This/The Other Book) -- Mitchell Symons
(The) Thermodynamic Universe -- BG Sidharth
Think Smart -- Richard Restak
(The) Third Domain -- Tim Friend
(13) Thirteen Things That Don't Make Sense -- Michael Brooks
This Book Warps Space And Time -- Norman Sperling
This Will Change Everything -- John Brockman
Three Steps to the Universe *- Garfinkle & Garfinkle
(The) Three-Pound Enigma -- Shannon Moffett
Thumbs, Toes and Tears -- Chip Walter
Time (A Traveler's Guide) *- Clifford A Pickover
Time, Space, Stars & Man -- Michael M Woolfson
(The) Time Paradox -- Zimbardo & Boyd
Time Travel in Einstein's Universe *- J Richard Gott
Tinkering With Eden *- Kim Todd
Total Recall -- Bell & Gemmell
Treating the Brain -- Walter G Bradley
(The) Triple Helix *- Richard Lewontin
(The) Triumph of Evolution *- Niles Eldredge
(The) True Believer -- Eric Hoffer

(The) Undergrowth of Science *- Walter Gratzer
(The) Undiscovered Mind *- John Horgan
(The) Unfolding of Language *- Guy Deutcher
Unintelligent Design *- Mark Perakh
(The) Universe Before The Big Bang -- Maurizio Gasperini
Up From Dragons *- Skoyles & Dorion Sagan
Upgrade Me -- Brian Clegg
Uncertainty -- David Lindley
(The) Universe -- Carlos I Calle
Unscientific America -- Kirshenbaum, Mooney
(A) User's Guide to the Universe -- Goldberg & Blomquist

(The) Varieties of Scientific Experience -- Carl Sagan
Voices From The Moon -- Andrew Chaikin
Voodoo Science *- Robert Park

Wandering Stars -- George HA Cole
(The) Way We Think *- Fauconnier & Turner
Weather -- Randy Cerveny
Weed 'em and Reap -- Roger Welsch
Weird Water & Fuzzy Logic *- Martin Gardner
Welcome to Your Brain -- Aamodt & Wang
What Are You Optimistic About? -- John Brockman
What Does a Martian Look Like? *- Cohen & Stewart
What Does it Mean to Be Human? -- Potts & Sloan
What if the Earth Had Two Moons? -- Neil Comins
What Makes You Tick? *- Thomas B Gerner
What's Next -- Buckingham & Ward
When Science Goes Wrong -- Simon Le Vay
When You Were a Tadpole And I Was A Fish -- Martin Gardner
(The) Whole Story *- Toby Murcott
Whose Bible is it? -- Jaroslav Pelikan
Why Choose This Book? -- Read Montague
Why Darwin Matters *- Michael Shermer
Why Does E=mc2? -- Cox & Forshaw
Why Elephants Have Big Ears *- Chris Lavers
Why Evolution is True -- Jerry Coyne
Why Most Things Fail -- Paul Ormerod
Why People Believe Weird Things *- Michael Shermer
Why Science? -- James Trefil
Why We Feel *- Victor S Johnston
Why We Make Mistakes -- Joseph T Hallinan
Wicked Plants -- Stewart
Wild Minds * Marc D Hauser
Wisdom -- Stephen S Hall
Word Myths *-David Wilton
Words and Rules *- Steven Pinker
(The) World in Six Songs -- Daniel Levitin
(A) World Without Ice -- Henry N Pollack
(The) World Without Us -- Alan Weisman

(The) X in Sex *- David Bainbridge

Y (The Descent of Men) *- Steven Jones
You Are Here -- Christopher Potter
You Are Not a Gadget -- Jaron Lanier
Your Brain on Food -- Gary L Wenk
Your Flying Car Awaits -- Paul Milo
Your Inner Fish -- Neil Shubin
You Say To-ma-to -- RW Jackson

Yes, all these books, from questionable to top-notch quality, I have written a card for each one over a very long period of time -- then, I typed up the titles in just under four hours!
` Alas, there are many more cards to write, and many more to read... but for now, it's time for bed. I have a long day ahead of me, which will probably consist of more tedium.

What I would do for just one minion!


KB said...

How very organised of you.

Luxembourg said...

Holmes' biographical accounts carry the reader through the book, each figure serving as a new torchbearer in the progression of science in the age-and each figure also bringing new questions as that same science slowly reveals a universe far vaster and stranger than the easily defined world of the old philosophy. The Age of Wonder is a book about discovery, both exciting and frightening-discovery that removes surety as much as it offers hope.