Thursday, February 25, 2010

My improbable scheme...

You know, I've thought it was strange that I've been using this as a place to tell everyone about the photo updates for my mild-mannered exterior, and now I think I understand why:
` I've been dealing with crisis after crisis from living in the same house as so many psychotic people and drug addicts and all kinds of crazy situations! I've been having to guard my lab, and all of my important secret stuff has been in storage!

So this is it! I've found a novel, new use for this blog... my originally-intended purpose!

Irony! I mean, I'm a struggling mad scientist, my frontal lobes have been working inconsistently for the past few years, but now they seem to be working well enough for introspection, not to mention plotting my world-domination!

Indeed, my unwilling subjects, I am finally going to go back to being a mad scientist here. I don't know what I'll be doing. It's been years since my creative juices have gotten a hold on my brain, but I'll think of something.

One thing that does help is this song I've got stuck in my head, as sung by a certain lab mouse who is hell-bent on taking over the world.

To scheme the improbable scheme,
To plan the unthinkable plan,
To build when your arms are too tiny,
To walk in the suit of a man!
This is my fate, to conquer the earth!
To play with the big boys, though I lack the girth,
To reach for the stars, on a whim or a dare,
I could climb to the top if I only could reach the first stair!
And the world doesn't know what they'll miss
If a mouse doesn't follow his dream,
To scrawl with his last bit of graphite,
To scheme, the improbable scheme!

What I will be doing, I'm not sure yet. But rest assured, I will be hard at work. Just like Brain....

As for the photo updates I will continue them on the Science, Wackmobiles and Spurious Brainchildren blog, together with my milk-mannered journal updates: The latest journal/photo update is here.

I'll be back with something... worse... or better?

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