Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have I been? Looking through the past, for one...

Long time no blog! No, I haven't been blasted off the face of the planet, I've just been really stressed out and strapped for time, especially since Johnny has fled the house owing us $900!

It's true that life's been better after Char and Brad have left, which I've colorfully written about, but then Johnny started being a mooching jerk and we've had to get rid of him too, which I've even more colorfully written about.

Not only have I written about such events, but I've uploaded pictures from the rest of January, including Lucas' concert (with Johnny, who kept leaving him up on stage to go get intoxicated),

jan-feb 064 Lucas, you look like a trannie!

As well as February, including another concert, and my little Vada the Teddy Bear, who has collapsed on the asphalt after chasing a stick!

jan-feb 344 I pretend to be roadkill

But I've also uploaded hundreds of drawings from when I was just starting to cause trouble, and that used up a lot of my free time that I would normally use for such things as blogging!
` I mean, it took one day to take all the photos (weeks ago), all another day to edit all the photos, all of yet another day to sort the photos and upload them! It was a lot of work, and I had homework to throw in there besides!

But, here they are! Pictures that I drew from depressing first grade...

1st grade 14 Vary sad sun!

Through Special Ed....

3rd grade 03 Cheetah chasing ostrich

(Oh, what I wouldn't have given for my own lab!)

3rd grade 07 The Tiny Professor

(And my own creatures!)

4th grade 19 Dragons and mu-loos of all types

And then onto my years from 12-14 years old, when I was newly-expelled for being such a darned troublemaker (the teachers said I was a bad person)!

no school 13 Jim Carrey...

It's ironic that Jim Carrey was partly the subject of my critical thinking term paper fifteen years later! Oh, and that's not all! I added some more to my 'art I found in storage' set:

One of many Corel Draw jobs...

I used to do those all the time! Anyway, I'm glad to come back and tell you all these things! There is more to come! Patience!

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