Friday, November 14, 2008

The Doctor has NOT been out! Plus, Bonus Mystery Photos (and music)!

She's just been, well, cavorting about, being ill, and workin' hard.
` Here's some photographic evidence of
transplanting the lab and the covering of footsteps. This is not enough, however - I think it's time again for me to come back to Blogland more frequently.

Halloween was strangely unscary this year. Also, I've made another attempt at encouraging people to think before they dig.

Oddest of all, I apparently had a relationship with a foreign language and some very strange creatures way back when. (And Part 2 will be even stranger! I promise!)

As for now... I need to get some sleep. Oh, I almost forgot! Before I go, I wanted to tell you that I uploaded (and captioneded) some of my very interesting new photos on my resident gangsta's music Myspace.
` There are three pages, starting here.

And while you're there, at
B-Gangsta Fed-Up Entertainment, you might also want to listen to one of his newer songs, Fresh Water. I like that one a bunch - and I heard it first, in September!

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