Monday, November 24, 2008

How long will the doctor be out?

Well, it's obvious from my blogs (and email inbox, and utter lack of forum activity) that I'm barely ever online to begin with.
` Even so, I am being banned from using the internet for any reason until I actually pass a job interview and start bringing in the cash.

Whole story is here. Any suggestions? Should we just start filming porns or something?


Mona Albano said...

More waitressing? At least there are tips.

Temp work? You go to an agency and they send you to an office to unfold envelopes or something.

Copy editing. Get a reference page of the copy editor's marks. The beauty of copy editing is that all you have to do is make sure that any changes marked were actually made. I'm not sure how much is done these days. Maybe everyone just runs spell-check and publishes. I used to copy-edit occasionally for the Journal of Rheumatology.

Edit peoples draft theses for clarity & logic - by the hour. Do a few pages to see how long it will take and give them an estimate: you might be able to do only a few pages an hour depending on how dense the pages are.


Museum guide or guard?

Clean _other_ people's houses for cash. Organizing consultant? Personal shopper? Personal cook?

Put up a PayPal "donate" button on your main blog.

.... how are you going to read suggestions if you can't use the computer?

S E E Quine said...

That's a good question... luckily, Lucas is out right now (which he usually isn't), so I think I can get away with this.



Waitressing? Well, yes, there are still a few restaurants around here I haven't applied at.

Temp work? I'm with four temp agencies, and none of them have had anything so far.

Copy editing... hey, I'm signed up for a copy editing class next quarter.
` It's only two credits, so it must be pretty simple.

Editing... but wait, where would I get articles?

Cashier! Yes... so far none of the retail places I've applied to are interested in me, but perhaps one will be.

Museum guide or guard? I don't know of any museums that don't take over an hour to get to, but that's a good point, there probably are somewhere.

Clean other people's houses? Well, I did apply for Merry Maids.... Organizing consultant? I can barely manage my own life - I'm probably not the best for managing others.
` Personal shopper? Personal cook? I've applied for jobs like those, but I guess I don't fit the bill.

PayPal donate button? That's a great idea! Perhaps I never considered it before because I hate PayPal... but considering the circumstances, it may actually work.
` Think of it: "I'm not allowed to blog unless I can generate some income!" Hmmmm. So, you'd have to pay for my blog. Well, I'd better come up with some pretty good stuff if I did that.
` I'll discuss this with Lou Ryan.


Now I'd better get off, because they could get home at any moment and catch me in here....

J. Hi said...

Good luck with the job search. Work on your lying skillz, girl. I know you can do it.