Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting back on track...

Before the big move, I'd introduced myself on a very fun forum and had expected to, by now, be posting all about my interesting discussions. However, I haven't been online much - in fact, my artificial intelligence, MAL, is still sitting in the corner, covered with yet more sawdust from all the modifications being made to the new lab.
` This piece is actually my introduction on the forum for The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe - one of the most entertaining and highly rated podcasts - period. Give it a listen today! Not wanting to have to write any new material, I instead consolidated all of my earlier introductions in other forums into one giant mess - and then thought it was really too amusing to clean up.
` Perhaps I should have... then again, I always tend to regret the times I don't write something bizarre. Maybe it's the loneliness. Anyway, I present to you; a deeply revealing and entertaining review of... myself. It may surprise you!

Determined future skeptical leader seeks skeptical community for companionship, achieving goals, pie

Greetings everyone here, which may include Novella cubed, Bernstein, Watson, not to mention that Mike guy. Grin I'm keeping my eye on you, Mike!!

My name is (initially, ha!) S E E Quine, but you can call me Dr. Nociceptor (or Spoony, thanks to James Randi's influence) and I am here in this forum to provide rich, chocolatey input.

And a complementary life history, because damn it, there's tons of them lying around here! Roll Eyes

Let's just say I used to be the the kind of person who would say; "Well, most scientists are just closed-minded, but you'll see!" and was actually on a destructive path towards Ramtha (that JZ Knight lady talking in a funny voice).

I blame it on bad parenting. No, seriously. My family. You would never believe the stuff I could tell you, seeing as you'd require evidence, and that was stolen by the most psychotic family member of all! Honest!

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Okay, cutting the crap; I was already an avid science (and also pseudoscience) reader, and caught skepticism sometime around the millennium from reading Skeptics and True Believers, so you can chalk my presence here up to Mr. Chet Raymo.

In order to put all of my sacred cows to pasture, writers like Gardner, Shermer, Pinker, Sagan, etc. were getting my dollar - their books and articles were so inspiring that I had to write a movie about skepticism and science, despite the fact that I was just an average citizen, clueless about the movie-making industry (and writing, for that matter).

Before I could do that, however, I had a pretty rough couple of weeks involving sharp, pointy objects ripping into my flesh and bone, imprisonment with no food, water, or medical help, and constant injections of brain-altering drugs.

We all know that one, right?

I fled in terror to the Pacific Northwest *waves eastward towards the Rogues like a huge dork* and for a while, lived next to a natural foods Co-Op where I fell in love with Skeptic magazine, which could be found on the shelves amidst periodicals in praise of psychics, naturopathy, and BuddhaDharma knows what else.
` One day I couldn't find any Skeptic on the shelves and asked a manager why: She said the Co-Op had only been selling one issue per month. *Ahem*
` Depressing, yes?

I've been blogging about science and skepticism for a few years now, among other things exposing Ramtha by trying to explain just how quantum physics really works, not to mention 'what the bleep' bait and switch tactics are being used.

I say 'trying to' because a); I sucked back then and b); one of the commenters (the 'anonymous' one, as usual) was hopeless and produced my very favorite pathetic hate-comment ever: 'Go lick your girlfriend Your "critical thinking" is a joke. Go get an education before you make yourself anymore of an idiot.'

A true badge of honor! Wink

Today, I am part of a budding film production company, Lou Ryan Productions, complete with many multi-talented people, and have since started up a new, more amazing screenplay for a brand-new genre of movie; the 'skepticomedy science fiction'!

You know, the kind where the main character is a charlatan and has a sister who believes in the charlatanism, plus an entire civilization of people whose way of life is based on science? Oh, and aliens with incomprehensible anatomy. Can't forget those.

In addition, I'm about to try building a website, partly based on old blog entries, called the Corrigendopedia. Sloagan: 'If you'd learned it right the first time, we wouldn't be having this conversation.'

Not only that, but ever since the whole pointy sharp pain incident messed me up, I've been secretly studying to be a mad scientist. For real. I have evidence!

Okay, that's a drawing of a photograph. You all believe me, right? Wink

As Dr. Nociceptor, I intend to dish out said rich, chocolatey input for my fellow skeptical (and maybe not so skeptical) forum members, and also hope to obtain support for my crazy scheming and plotting to educate the American public - I mean, to take over the world - I mean, um, educate the American public.

I hope to get to know you forum peoples, including, Rebecca, Jay, Bob, Evan, Steve, and of course that other guy! I love you all! You know, as a skeptic.

Sincerely, with extra deep dark chewy love,

Spoony Quine

...Which rhymes with 'wine', for the record, as introducing myself as 'S E E Quine' somehow mysteriously causes people to assume my last name is, naturally, Quinn.
` "Quinn, huh?" they'll say, or even worse; "Like Dr. Quinn?"
` I call it 'Quine's Law', which, if my predictions are correct, will be bastardized into 'Quinn's Law'.

Thank you.

P.S.: My movie will include such scientifically accurate features as inaudible explosions in space. Does anyone out there have some other 'sci-fi movie inaccuracy' they'd like to be made right on the big screen? Thanks!!

P.P.S: Yes, my presence really is this large in real life.

P.P.P.S.: That pie had better be good!

I was worried for a moment that I'd gone too far in hitting everyone over the head with my presence. The next time I was able to log in, however, I was pleased to see I'd gotten a reply:

Well holy scary!! The Doctor seems to be in!! Shocked Welcome.

Whereabouts in the PacNW did you flee? (Im in odd but lovable ol' Seattle myself)

-=Identity 4=-

Then, I actually replied to this, and later noticed that Identity 4 had broken up my reply and responded to it like so:

Hello Identity 4! You must be the fourth Identity! Smiley
Only of myself. Smiley *bows* You may have a mad scientist to contend with, but i have to put of with 4 different me's. Cheesy
` I'm up here in Ever-wet with five henchmen, two fuzzy creatures, and we're about to move out of our 15 x 20 foot apartment into my lab across town! It's so rad!
Everett?? Hows the view of CANADA from there? Haha... Cuz you are NORTH...WAY north.
And all this time you had no idea any of this was going on so close!
I THOUGHT i heard odd metal gnashing noises in the night...i thought that was just Boeing..
` Anything exciting going on down there in the city?
Not really...just business as usual. Looking forward to some nice skepticism at the pub next Tuesday. Im actually a bit south of the Mall-shootingly wonderful southcenter! Undecided

Best luck in the lab, I'll keep my eye out for that escaped frankenstein monster... Wink

-=Identity 4=-

Anyway, that's about the end of that.
` Skeptics in the Pub, though... I've heard of those and probably ought to check that out! In the meantime, I have a third job to find and much housework and remodeling to be done.
` At this very moment, Lou Ryan is completing the walls in which he has recently installed three windows. It's so nice to have complete thermal protection from the cold, wind and rain once again.
` You know, lab equipment runs so much smoother when it's protected by walls.

I'll be back.

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