Thursday, June 12, 2008

Darn that critter!

Sorry I'm so late with this! I'm just now finishing up with Finals week and I've been incredibly sick (...continuously, for over a month now).

I just wanted to share with you a little stunt my critter, codenamed 'Vada' has done while she was out trying to take over the world.

` On May 30, I was walking up to the Way that is Safe and could not help but notice the flock of helicopters circling near the store. Soon, I noticed that the traffic through the main drag on Rucker Avenue was being diverted through the ghetto.
` Well, I often take my camera outside with me in case of strangeness, so I was thinking that perhaps it had paid off that day. (Note: This street rarely has any more than one car on it at a time.)

alteredtraffic Because of a complete lack of traffic on Rucker Avenue, I could cross the street outside of the crosswalk, away from all the noise of the intersection. I got a really good view of why it had been roped off, though I didn't bother taking a photo of the gruesomeness until I was mostly hidden in the parking lot.... (The horror! Can you believe the price of gas? And it's gotten worse!)

accident I didn't think of it much until after I'd done my shopping and was back on the other side of the street, where I managed to take another photo without looking like an ass. (I hope... one lady did scowl at me while I momentarily pulled out my camera in the store in order to reach my wallet.)

roadster Apparently those kit cars aren't all that sturdy, as the driver found.

ouch What's strange is that there's a partial chalk outline on the sidewalk... perhaps the police had begun making before they realized he wasn't dead! (Or it was made for insurance purposes....)

` But what caused the accident to begun with?

` A couple of days later, superhero Lou Ryan and I found the critter hiding in the basement. Great, we thought; she was finally home! However, Vada was very unwilling to come near us - we had to chase her all around!
` I became highly suspicious that she was trying to hide from the authorities.

` As she would not tell us anything, we had no choice but to resort to torture....

onemorepic When the nipple-pinching was too much for her (now that her giant fat belly had disappeared), Lou Ryan and I determined that Vada was guilty of using her Alien Cat Mind Control to make the driver of the Roadster careless enough to speed through an intersection.
` This is exactly why we have to keep a leash on these critters when they go outside. We can't have them wreaking havoc without our approval!


Kingcover said...

Are those kit cars even legal to be on public roads? I hope the driver is ok now.
And you talk about gas prices being high - there's currently a strike happening in the UK concerning oil delivery tankers complaining that they aren't getting paid a large enough salary. Anyways I just heard on the news a few minutes ago that a gas forecourt somewhere in England was charging £1.99 per litre ($7.08 per gallon). Crazy I tell you. Crazy.

Kingcover said...

Oops sorry, it's $14.16 per gallon. Silly conversion table lol. Still crazy though!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I would want much more evidence than that to convict Vada of anything. Of course, I really don’t have a very suspicious mind: when Alex come homes covered in coal dust, I seldom ask him whose house he has burgled.

S E E Quine said...

` !!! Kingcover! Over fourteen bucks a gallon? That's nuts! Isn't petrol ordinarily expensive enough?
` Then again, towns in the UK are meant to be walked around and you guys don't usually have long to drive because the UK itself is so small, and as a result everybody has tiny, fuel-efficient vehicles.
` Meanwhile, our normal weekend movie business drive to the next state over takes about four or five hours and is the equivalent of driving from the top of England to the bottom. At least we have a small, fuel-efficient car nowadays, though most people around do not. (Ever conscious of such matters, my anthropology instructor has a Geo Metro. When I saw her at the gas station for her once-in-three-weeks fill-up, I wondered how anyone could fit inside....)

` Lucas was telling me about this article he read about a concern that the high price of gas will affect the economy - shipping will be so expensive that buying local products will be more cost-effective. Well, I'm already all for the local farmer's market... I have a feeling that such a phenomenon would help out local economies.

` Oh, Nick! Evidence, shmevidence! Vada said 'moo' and we all know that means I can keep my sacred cow.... And come on, you know Alex is a cat burglar!

Kingcover said...

This is the link about the £1.99 / litre fuel story ......

Kingcover said...

That's the first time I have ever actually hyperlinked in someone's commenting section. I had to find out how to do it. Simple when you know how lol. You should be thrilled that I chose you to receive the first one. Haha :-P

Kingcover said...

I guess you were not impressed by my first link to you. I'll have to try harder next time :-)

S E E Quine said...

` Sorry, Gareth, I keep forgetting I haven't told you that I thought it was rather more ridiculous than over here.
` How are you coping? I know you take lots of walks, anyway.... I walk to the gym every day now. ...Of course, this is also because the month of Junuary seems to be warming up. Looks like it'll be summer for our Independence Day!

jennifer said...


*OK, laughing alot*

The interrogation at the end of this post just cracked me up. I am visiting via Alex's Blog. The picture you drew of him was great!

Be blessed.


S E E Quine said...

` Thank you, Jen! Glad you liked what you saw!

KB said...

Vada is as crazy as you or maybe me, perhaps both of us...

S E E Quine said...

` One never can tell what's going on behind those wonky blue eyes.