Friday, January 13, 2006

Small word of advice:

` When you are letting someone else use your computer, it is advisable to clear away evidence of anything you may not want others to know you've been viewing.
` Thankfully, other than top-secret experiments, MAL hasn't been encumbered with things I wouldn't want prying eyes to see.

` Unfortunately, I'm now being forced to use other people's computers. Mostly, the one owned by someone whose sexual nature has previously been mysterious to me.
` ...Until the other day, when I was hoping to listen to some music on this computer, and innocently opened
Winamp. There was an unmarked playlist entry, which I clicked on out of curiosity.
` Now I wish I hadn't, as this turned out to be a video of a young girl taking it up the back door.
` I was going to pretend I hadn't seen that. However, I was saving something temporarily, and the folder that automatically came up had many video files in it with some pretty icky-sounding titles: 'daughter tits sucked', 'her first anal sex', 'the ass gaping episode', 'mom-daughter incest', 'mother-daughter dildo', 'young slut ass fucked' and more than fifty clips with the word 'enema' in them.

` What makes this actually disturbing is that the owner of this computer used to be attracted to me. I have never been attracted to him, and I'm glad - who knows what he might have planned to do to my rear end?


Galtron said...

Uh... aren't you a little worried he might see this?

Wednesday said...

Ah, I agree with Galtron. Aren't you a tad worried?

Just to be on the fair side; has anyone else used his 'puter put the porn on? "Puter, put, porn. Now what would you call that? Why it's An Anal Alliteration!

Just a note: this site didn't want to open from the link in your email, but I already had it saved in My Fav, so not a problem.

Worried about you. Please keep me posted via email or phone.

PS, I keep getting a security warning when I hit the pub button that says I am sending over an un-encrypted site? You ain't encrypted kiddo?


S E E Quine said...

` I've never known this guy to read my blog, so unless he changes his internet habits....

` And as far as I know, he's the only one who would be looking at *porn* on this computer.
` It is his, after all!

` Also, my site better not be encrypted! This blog is for all to see.
` my own risk! ;)

Laura said...

That's creepy! Make sure you don't ever turn your back to this guy! Who knows what he is capable of if he's willing to look at such gross sites... Sounds like a nasty pervert to me!

S E E Quine said...

` Somehow, I doubt that... then again, how would I know?