Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOOHOO! Everything from the end of last post until today!

My photos will have to wait until after the gym. But here's the text, from all the way back when!

February 11, 2009 - Wednesday

Another clear day as I watch the traffic go by from the elliptical. And seagulls. Mike was pretty brilliant in his depiction of 'Cliff' (opposite me in The Woolgatherer). He almost upset the teacher, in fact, because he said he had to pee because trucking gives him a weak bladder. Even funnier, he was back in one second!
` I dragged someone from my Humanities class and some other people to Drama Club, saw Hot BiGuy from such a long time go, and on my way I ran into TallGuy, who I also dragged in, and he also participated. He shoved me into the incinerator with his martial arts skills!
` And then, after some amount of physical contact with someone else, I hung out with TallGuy and X-Dan in the library! It was awesome.

February 12 - Thursday

Blocking The Woolgatherer scene in Drama class. We have to have it down by Tuesday!

Window washers on side of office building! (Photo.)

Was going to type more journal entries into the computer because I have to stay current, but was told to do something else. I never have the feeling of making progress, you know?

The door was wide open today, and I had to go get Vada before I could take my shower. I suspected Johnny. And, speak of the devil, just as I was getting dressed, he came home, opened the bathroom door, turned off the light, turned it back on and came in.
` Then he saw me wrapped in a towel looking at him with crossed arms and shrank against Matty's door.
` "Now," I said, "When the door is shut, the light is on, and the fan is on, that means someone in here."
` "I'm sorry," he said, terrified out of his wits. "I guess I'm too stupid to remember that. Oh my God, That's the second time that's happened, just lock the door and it won't happen again."
` Who is stupider? Him, or me for not locking the door? Or Crazy Landlady for not letting us finish our bathrooms?

February 13 - Friday

I just heaved a ton of books home, almost could not lift them all at once! They are:
` Asking the Right Questions; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric; Foundations of Critical Thinking; Thinking For Yourself; Patterns For A Purpose; Writing Arguments; Making Sense; Thinking Critically; The Structure of Argument; Elements of Argument; Dialogues; Discovering Arguments; Convergences; Cultural Attractions/Cultural Distractions; Essays From Contemporary Culture; Many Voices; One World, Many Cultures; Acting Out Culture; The Everyday Writer; Evaluating Online Resources; Writing Analytically and; A Reader For Developing Writers.
` Expect my writing to improve!

In other news, I went to file taxes, finally! for the first time... but it turns out that, once again I have not made enough money to get a tax return this year. Perhaps next year's tax season will break my tax virginity.

Later in the evening: My feet were so black on the bottom I was called Nigger Toes!
` That's it!!
` Later, as B-Gangsta was messing around with a scratch card called Fabulous Fortune, which he found on the dining room table, he was saying; "Five dollars for a worthless piece of paper! You can pick your nose and flick it at your partner! You can pick up a basket! You can dunk it in some coffee!"
` I held my foot up and said, "You can scrape the Nigger off my foot!"
` Oh crap!!!!

February 14 - Saturday (Valentine's Day)

You know how they do on MySpace?

Current Location: Elliptical, Gold's Gym.
Current Music: Don't Let Your Love Lie Down (wish I could change it!)
Current Mood: Triumph in Beating Elliptical, but kinda bummed because I left my water bottle on the table after filling it this morning.
Current Focus: The Old Guy With Crazy Gray Hair Who Always Works Out Wearing A Sweater and Jeans, on the treadmill just now.
On TV Closest To Me: Bull Riding.
Bodily Feeling: Refreshed, especially since I have had so much garlic that Lucas had to open the car windows, and for once in my life I don't have a ton of sticky snot that has to be blown out my nose every two minutes or else I'll get a sinus infection. These pipes are clean!

Had lunch at Cherry Blossom with Lou Ryan.

Just sitting down to finish an essay, which I have been sitting down to do for the past few days, when Matty came over and said "there's a special friend here to see you!"
` "My Handycam charger?"
` Nope. It was his tiny daughter. What is she? Two and a half? We played "Where's Jimi?" with a Jimi Hendrix songbook.
` I actually said; "Can you say Hendrix?"
` And she said; "Enrisss!"
That is so cute!
` Then, we looked at my bookshelf, as I said; "Hmmmmm" and rubbed my chin with one eyebrow raised. When I got distracted, she looked up at me and then looked back at the bookshelf, going, "Hmmmmm" as I had done, and then I was like; "Oh yeah! Hmmmmm...."
` We even drew on the White Board Of Doom, which was supposed to be on my wall by today.
` Okay, so she was cute and all, but I don't appreciate when people expect me to watch their kids just because I'm present in the house.
` After that, I practiced being Rose with Lou Ryan as Cliff, and finally, starting back to my assignment, it's 8:30 at night! How does this keep happening?

February 15 - Sunday

I didn't know I was supposed to go to Redmond for the commercial shoot, and thus would not have a chance to go to the gym, as the gym closes at 4 today. B Gangsta was pissed too because he didn't know either!
` I'm sorry, but I can't be standing around for 8 hours when I have a ton of homework to catch up on! Since the only thing I was supposed to do was take pictures during this entire time, I sent my camera along without me.
` Luckily, though I will have no camera hijinks - save for one sneak peek at the giant cat this morning - I am free to stay and do homework!

After sweeping the floor, retrieving Violet from the neighbor's yard, etc. I realized I was too hungry to do homework so got some peanut butter and toast - as there was no other food in the house because craft services all went with Lou Ryan, B Gangsta and Joe to Redmond.
` So, to quiet down the house, I turned the loud fish tank filter off for a bit, stopped the toilet from running, turned the microwave vent off and sat down to eat and read something that isn't too taxing on the mind. In the living room. Which I've never done before, with or without earplugs!
` No sooner did I sit down, a new noise started up; "Rrrrr rrr rr rrrrrrrrrrr...." It was a guy going around and around and around the neighbor's small backyard (to our left) on a minibike. I was surprised he didn't get dizzy.
` It's always something!
` After trying to cope with this using my earplugs for about twenty minutes, I gave up, turned the fishtank back on and went to my room.

An observation: I increasingly see the utility of window ledges, which we don't have: The cats jump into the windows, try to stand on them and fall off!

February 16 - Monday

No school today!

Lou Ryan and I were at the Way That is Safe on the Way that is Broad, at the checkstand, when the woman ahead of us said of her change in the change-spewing machine; "Oh, don't put it in the donation box, just give it to him (Lou). I don't donate to anything unless it's for animals."
` "Yeah," I said, sarcastically, "screw the humans!"
` And would you know, she agreed!

Later, B-Gangsta was in our backseat, trying to get a hot chick's attention, and so was I from the front seat, but she was so absorbed in her cell phone conversation that she couldn't hear us.
` "That cannot be safe," he said. "What if the backseat was on fire?"
` Lou said, "Brad, you are not allowed to go out with such a dumbass."

February 17 - Tuesday

Walking ten minutes from my car to Drama Class, my path converged with Hannah's and she asked, "Is that something in your hair?"
` I said, "Yes, that would be Smart Balance."
` It was then that I realized the magnitude of my Freak Status - and damn is it great!

Rose and Cliff went pretty good, by the way - it was the end of Act I, starting with "I have to be careful because of my hemophilia!" and we turned in our assignments as well.
` Then I had gym, came home, played with the cats, and then napped extensively with Vada: I actually fell asleep listening to Lou Ryan talking with whoever was home and woke up listening to them as if they'd never stopped talking. It was so weird.

Gangsta is getting some Apple Loops down, learning how to use Garage Band.

Also, Lou Ryan is suing Crazy Landlady. She keeps coming in unannounced, even without our knowledge, even at night when she might have her head blown off if one of us thought she was an intruder. (Assuming there's a gun somewhere.)

February 18 - Wednesday

Lou Ryan just dialed Crazy Landlady's number, and the first thing he says is... "Hello, Su. No, you know that isn't true. I know that's not true because I talked to the man myself. It's okay, it's okay...."
` Now I'm at school, sitting around the table with the Cake Squad. Frank is Banana Bread Boy, Harlan is Creme Brulee, Nick is Key Lime Pie, Aries is Strawberry cake, etc.
` Later on, I got a chance to play with something that isn't abnormal. I'll just let you think about what that might be.

February 19 - Thursday

Lou Ryan videotaped the unfinished work around the house, went to the judge, got a restraining order for Crazy Landlady, who didn't show up in court, and she had just left home when Lou Ryan went to her house to give it to her; Johnny saw her leave on his way over here.

Today at school, I brought an apple, and was looking for a small knife to cut it (because my front teeth are too loose for apples at the moment), but Lou Ryan said, "What's wrong with this big knife?" I just left both in the car - it's not worth getting in trouble with security again for stupid stuff.

I spilled water in Harlan's car because of a faulty container. However, faultiness was not a major theme of the evening.

However, now that I'm at the gym I can say I was running towards the only working elliptical and someone else got on it! How often does that happen?

Later: I locked myself out of the house, for probably the third time ever (since the door's been fixed), and got back in the window. How does this happen? The sliding door has a tendency to lock behind oneself if you don't slide it shut slowly enough.

So, it's late at night and I was lying awake in bed, feeling the numbness start to 'peel off' my body, like the feeling I have been unable to sense for years was starting to uncurl. My lips and fingers, even, and my eyes felt like they were really there, not just disembodied windows in front of my face.
` I felt, physically, better than I had since... I don't know when!

And then, the asleep Lou Ryan slapped his hand across my face, scratching me in the eye!

"Owwww!" I yelled, waking him up. Then, just as I was starting to relax again, he rolled over on his side, putting both knees on one of my legs. I tried to scoot out from under him but almost fell off the bed, so I told him to move back.
` He did. I kept my eye open so that I would have less trouble feeling my eye better, trying to re-create how amazingly wonderful I had been feeling before. But then he kept asking me what was wrong. I said my eye hurt.
` A few minutes later, he asked why I was staring at the ceiling. I said I was holding my eye open because it hurt and I asked him why he was watching me instead of going back to sleep.
` He told me it was because me 'staring at the ceiling' was so creepy it was keeping him awake! Creepy?! My wonderful breakthrough, creepy?
` That was too much: The breakthrough reversed itself once more.

February 21 - Saturday

OMG! I'm in this playground right now and this 8 or 9 year old girl is on the phone with the cops because the other kids in the playground weren't playing what she wanted to play! The other kids were telling me how she broke things and, just a few minutes ago, threw a large rock at one kid's head.
` Apparently, the girl's mom is crazy. I feel pretty bad for her.

HOLY SHIT what a night! Just when I thought I'd be going to bed, though restless, Nymphomaniac called me, informing me of a party going on, so the guy, JustIn on the phone, who I'd said 'I love you' to because he sounded like such a hyper guy, persuaded me to go and so we went to Twisted where we were making up dances and all kinds of stuff.
` Poor JustIn's homophobic brother. I feel sorry for him.

(tons of pictures!)

Then we went to Rucker's pyramid and I found that JustIn has a little something not abnormal in itself, and then I wondered where Nympho and Jesus and JustIn's little brother had gone if they weren't nearby, and I reached in my pocket and my keys were gone!

(pictures of Rucker's tomb!)

Nympho had taken JustIn's homophobic brother home, and she had called while I was, er, busy, and she was wondering if my Jetta takes diesel (why does everyone ask or tell me that my Jetta takes diesel?) and then they bought food!
` Meanwhile JustIn and I were having one of those crazy, witty improvisational discussions like I had with Harlan before, which is odd, because he supposedly isn't a major improvist. I guess guys who are into me are easy to improv with.
` Anyway, we walked down Broadway towards being picked up by Nympho and Jesus, and just before this one picture, I was saying something like, "Naturally, that's because my dad is a psychotic, psychopathic, paranoid delusional, bipolar...."
` And JustIn was saying, "Stop describing... my father."
So we went to JustIn's apartment, hung out with Slagathor (the cat) and then after Nympho and Jesus left, he stole my pants and wouldn't give them back until I threatened to leave without them!

A disturbing thought - Justin is a lot like me and he looks like a cross between me and my brother! Weird!

February 22 - Sunday

The fish tank filter is finally dead. But the fish are alive and kicking, thank goodness! In fact, the Oscar cut Lou and Gangsta pretty bad as they chased him across the floor! Finally, they got the whole thing cleaned. Next time, they need to buy a net.

Poor Lou Ryan. Me and Gangsta have been pestering him for 15 minutes - I have crap to do and they need to go to the pet store. Oh, and Matty just called to see if Lou was around.
` At least Lou feels my frequent pain and pressure to get off the computer when I say, "Leave me alone so I can finish this and get off the computer!"
` I know this because he said; "I'm going to finish this whether anyone likes it or not!" and slammed the door.

Oh, and the neighbors across the street got burglarized. Apparently, no one lives there yet, and new appliances had just been installed. The burglars came by in a truck, parked in the garage, then used an electric saw to cut out the door between the garage and the house and stole all the appliances!

Also, I've officially gone insane because I can't seem to locate my own will when the house is polluted with beats all the time, yet Gangster won't use the headphones. Lou says that other people live in the house besides just me.
` Will my office continue to collect dust? Will I ever catch up on homework? I'm constantly toting it around the house because there's nowhere to go that's quiet enough that I can hear myself think - yes, WITH the earplugs! I wear them constantly around here!

February 25 - Wednesday

After having a mental breakdown, we have a schedule going where I can do my homework and he won't be blasting music throughout the house. If I want to use my office, which I have all my stuff/computer in, for other things besides homework, I'll just have to wait until after bedtime.

Today I talked to the Harmonic Singing guy (Seattle Harmonic Voices) and he showed me how it's done. I missed the show because I had Humanities class - and I participated heavily in a presentation, but at least I caught him after the show and can now work on it myself.

What else?

Oh yeah... I was driving home from somewhere and was trying to turn left to get back onto Broadway but instead got on the ramp that loops around and goes to The Flats - the giant drawbridges to Marysville - where you can't stop. Just then, my tire blew out, my car veered to one side, it was raining, and I was stuck on the damn bridge!
` It was cold and dark and soaking wet where I found a place to pull over, and I couldn't figure out how to get the hubcap off.
` Well, Lou Ryan, being the superhero that he is, came down straight away, got the cover off the bolts, then discovered that one of them was a freak star-shaped bolt that no tool he had ever seen could take off.
` So, after such floundering around in the cold rain with a flashlight, he drove me back home where I had found that Johnny had bought me a salmon steak and I ate it! Johnny also said that the alien star bolt was actually a security bolt and there's a tool hidden under the floormat for getting it off.

We never would have guessed.

February 26 - Thursday

It snowed! Except out between the drawbridges where my car was at. (Score!) We discovered that my spare tire is a regular tire, so now I went from having a crappy, leaky tire that needs to be filled every day to a Brand New Tire! For free!

But what if another tire goes flat?

Had to speak gibberish in Drama class, using a stool for a barrel for Niagra Falls jumping. Beth, of course, laughed hysterically. I wonder why she does that?
` Other scenes involved tying people up, guns, and wacky gestures all in combination with gibberish. The Halloween Killer's publicist, when he encourages him to practice saying "Trick or treat!" before blowing someone away was translated as "Derka derka, Mohammed jihad!"

After school I was using the last of my Handycam battery to videotape Lou Ryan mailing a check to Su via Priority Mail at the post office. As we were exiting the post office, we saw her park behind my car on the street and hurry, in a panic, to her lawyer's office.
` By the time I was sure she hadn't noticed us and raised the camera to my eye, she had already disappeared up the steps.
` She had been carrying a large envelope - probably the demand she'd received from Lou Ryan today in the mail.

February 27 - Friday

Very busy day. Violet chased the neighbor's Pomeranian. (photos)

Serious Weekend!

Lou Ryan had to prevent some wackos in need of Ritallin from smashing the back of my car at a red light by pulling into the intersection!

Also, JustIn just got his tongue pierced and has mysterious white stuff he thought was gingivitis. He had just got tired of waiting at the ER and then called me, intending to go back later.
` I told him it was probably thrush, because it just so happens that Lou Ryan was telling me about it recently.

March 2, 2009 - Monday

Another sunny day! I just got home. I have a test tomorrow.

After dinner, Johnny and Matty scoffed at the invention of anti-aircraft lasers. Matty, who works for Boeing, said, "Oh, that's right, I forgot we made those!"
` But Johnny still said, "No, there is no such thing" and wouldn't at first read one of many articles about the military having developed a working prototype. Apparently he stopped at the words, 'targeting sights' at the top of a paragraph and said, "Okay, like I said, it's a giant targeting sight."
` I said, "Look at the bottom of the paragraph! What do you think 'high energy laser' means?"
` He said "Great, like I said, it's a giant pair of targeting sights, that's all it is," and left the room.

He eventually recanted, however.

March 3 - Tuesday

Whoops. I didn't file down enough the part of my new retainer that goes around the gumline. It pushed my gums back from my teeth.

At least it's a nice day.

Cleared off the rest of the living room bookshelf, and Lou Ryan was able to put his things on it instead so the dining room table is not covered with all his stuff.

March 4 - Wednesday

Sun streams outside, but not in the gym where I'm on the elliptical. Lou just walked in to say that our dear old Crazy Landlady broke the restraining order, so he called the police! That woman....

Late at night, as we were going to bed, Johnny and Matty were in the dining room and Matty was playing with Lou's tape recorder, which has the C.L. saying something incriminating on it. Understandably Lou freaked out.

March 5 - Thursday

LOLOL! In court this morning, Crazy Landlady and her new lawyer were most pathetic. He took like an hour to make photocopies of everything, and there was a long period of time where everyone in the room was sitting with nothing going on, even after other people had gone ahead of us.
` I actually said to a guy who was with C.L. - who also thinks she is crazy - "I wonder if the lawyer just ran off?"
` Finally, when the trial was underway, one of the things he'd copied and showed to the judge was C.L.'s demand letter to Lou Ryan, which starts off describing an incident she made up where Lou was threatening her with karate and punched a hole in the wall.
` I almost peed my pants laughing.
` Her new lawyer didn't know what to make of this, other than perhaps the reasons why the other lawyer wouldn't take her case.

Also, armed with his briefcase, Lou was so full of evidence - photos, the tape recording from over the phone, insane documents from her, etc. - that he did something that Johnny later called The Lucas Jig. Very early on, in fact, the judge said, "Please don't interrupt me, sir, I get enough of that from my wife."
` However, he didn't even need the evidence because this trial was not about the state of our house but rather her intrusion.
` The judge told her, "Leave them alone," she said, "Thank you, sir!" and that was the end.

March 6 - Friday

Nice sunrise photo! Here's another photo of me between my listening to World War II Japanese internment camp presentation and practicing lines with Patience.
` Argh. Children in the house!

When Gold's John got home today from working on the new gym building, he grabbed something from our front door - a 10-day notice to comply. In legal terms, it is retaliation for our protecting our rights. It just goes to show how Crazy that Crazy Landlady is.

March 7 - Saturday

The snowstorms have cleared from the sky via wind. I meant to do some homework yesterday but was too exhausted. So, when I finally sat down to do some homework, the cats both came in my office, stepped on the improperly-mounted shelf that Lou Ryan said was fine... and all the books on it came tumbling down on my head!

After some oatmeal and pancakes, I'm back at it.

Also, I called JustIn to make sure he wasn't dead. Apparently, his mom had some thrush medication and it worked! No Emergency Room bill! Yay!

March 9 - Monday

The hearing with Crazy Landlady went well, though I didn't go. Once more, C.L. got thrown out of court. Also, there was a surprise snowstorm, which was picking up on my way out to school.
` By the time my Jetta had made it to the top of the hill, there was so much snow that I couldn't go any farther - being that there were no tracks on the road yet since the snow had started falling.
` Luckily, Lou Ryan, who was watching my progress from the house, hopped in his truck and rescued me. He even parked my car by the side of the road.
` At this moment, I'm in his truck - he's driving me to school. I hope the cats aren't freezing right now - I'd let them out earlier and they went straight under the porch.

We're just coming up Broadway and passed a mailbox-no-more next to a minivan-no-more!

Now we're in downtown - it's a total grey-out! It's so weird I wish I had my camera! Barely anything past the next traffic light can be seen.

Just got into the north end of town, towards the college... there's no snow in the air, but there is a tiny bit on the grass.

Wow, Drama class was so fun! We were singing with the voice instructor's piano accompaniments, but not songs. Instead one would hear "Smurf!" "Zucchini!" "Noodle!" "Knives!" Since my word was "Tomato" I made sure I got up there to oppose the girl whose word was "Potato." But we didn't call the whole thing off.

I had/got to walk from 10th St to the gym on 29th St, after Lou Ryan called to say his truck had gotten stuck in the snow on the way back home!
` There was a little bit of snow on the ground at first, but as I made my way into town, there was more and more snow on the sidewalks and a guy almost got hit at a school crosswalk and pretty soon I was marching quickly through deep snow with my tote bag slung over my back! (Marching was the only way I could run.)
` John hadn't even made it to the gym until after I got there, as his truck had gotten mired in the snow as well! He showed me a picture he took on his cell phone of the ruler on the porch railing sticking out of the snow. It eventually got to 6 inches deep!
` I took the bus to Albertson's on Madison (about the equivalent of 68th St.) and then, as the snow was continuing to quickly melt, Lou Ryan was able to extract his truck and Johnny was there too and drove us home after shopping there.

Violet had 'lost' the collar I'd just bought her (because she'd just 'lost' the one she'd had before), and Vada had been nowhere to be seen all day. It was getting colder and darker, and was probably below freezing when I finally I went out there with a flashlight and climbed over the fence.
` Immediately I heard the bell ringing on Violet's new collar! So I'd found that, hanging on a bramble. Vada was right there as well, crying at me, apparently too cold to come back across the snow. The pussy. Cat.
` So, I picked up the collar, tossed the flashlight into the middle of the yard, made note of where it landed (in plain sight) grabbed Vada and then went over to get the flashlight, but I couldn't see it anywhere! (It should have stood out in the snow, you know?)
` But hey, I scored a cat and a missing collar. That's better than what I'd hoped for.

March 11 Wednesday

Our front door had been hanging wide open all night. We suspect Matty, who had come by sometime late. It was amazing the cats didn't go out - but perhaps they found it too cold.

In drama class we got a sneak peek of Sketch Night... "It's Morphin' Time!" "Joint Ranger!" "Cell Phone Ranger!" "Key Ranger!"

My front teeth are disturbingly short today. Is my homemade retainer damaging my enamel that much?

Had an awesome conversation with Bev Farb about my screenplay today. She seemed rather enthusiastic.
` However, I missed Sketch Night. Damn.

March 12 - Thursday

Violet confronted the orange cat outside. B Gangsta got a really close look.... (photos)

March13 - Friday

Awake at 4:30 in the morning because of my teeth - but I discovered that they were just 'short' because they were being pushed up into my skull.
` Then I watched the sun rise. It was cool. I didn't get any pictures of it, but I did get a couple of Violet in the neighbor's yard staring at the birds (but not knowing what to do).

March 14 - Saturday

It's been rough today, and I don't want to talk about it. But there has been good news:

With a seafood sandwich from Subway in my hand, I returned home after getting my Jetta an oil change - only 30 bucks because it was customer appreciation day, so I could save my coupon! - and Lou and Brad were hanging out also eating Subway. But Lou was covered in fake blood stains! (photos!)
` They were telling me and Johnny how, in filming more of Liberation with Nils Osmar, that Gangster got to shoot at someone with not just one but two guns before being shot in the neck, which exploded. Then, with his face disguised via a gas mask, he drowned poor Lou Ryan in a sink of icewater in an unheated room, where he had to pretend to be dead on a freezing cold concrete floor!
` I know he's resistant to that stuff - Former-Director Nate got some good footage of him doing Sanchin barefoot in a blizzard, also completely bald and shirtless. Even so, Lou had to huddle around a stage light in order to maintain his composure.

Also, they got a veggie sandwich for me. I got to eat half of it later.

March 15 - Sunday

Snowed for a while. I spent a while honing my pep talk skills. Does anyone recall that a long time ago, I was with this Phil guy (who I never had a physical relationship with), and I started my Mad Scientist blog when I was in the process of moving the hell away from him?
` I no longer feel guilty for doing that. Who cares if he got me a ring before I could tell him I needed out? Best of all, I feel even more relived for never having had sex with him.
` Turns out that he's been rather controlling and cold towards his mom, who has many problems, among them being overworked both at school and work. Also, the property's gone to hell and she has no way of fixing anything because of really disabling arthritis, not to mention a severely ingrown toenail that grows back, which she tears out every month herself with a pair of pliers!
` This year she was also not able to remove the snow from a greenhouse during one blizzard and it caved in!
` Worst of all, a faithful worker over the past few years refused to help with this, saying it's "women's work", and the only person who ever made her laugh has gone off to Europe and hasn't answered his phone and got irritated at her because he interpreted something she said as kind of weird because she didn't say it right because she was on pain meds for her arthritis.

Yes, for the past few years, Phil has been disrespectful to his own mother, who shielded him from his abusive, maniacal, gun-slinging psychotic father, often taking the blame for things he did. And yet, Phil doesn't seem to quite believe this, and when he goes back home for a visit he spends most of his time at his dad's!
` When he got married, he even invited his mom's worst enemies - the even crazier parents of his dad who used to try to kill Phil when he was a baby - to the wedding even though they proposed to make a scene to embarrass Phil's mom!
` Wow, I'm gladder than ever that I got out of there. He gets some of that stuff from EdgeWalker, who's a smart guy, but is sometimes overbearing, and has apparently turned the both of them into intellectual snobs.

Also, I practiced the scene with Patience in the studio room in Ranier building. We even did it backwards once, and were fairly successful! Also struck up a conversation. She was also abused as a kid, but apparently it's less funny, and so bad that her dad got caught and she was adopted. She also lives near us.

March 17 - Tuesday

It's late, I'm at the gym. Violet ran out the door after dark, so I hope she comes back before we go to bed. Me and Brad got $120 worth of groceries at Grocery Outlet for $60! (Wow, everything really is more or less half off!)

March 18 - Wednesday

I got a hundred percent on my poster project. Other presentations included Irish Dance (NOT Riverdance!) and Philippine Tinikling Dance, which involves jumping in between pieces of bamboo that are being clapped together really loudly.
` Right now I'm watching some people push a car down the street near the gym. The crane is also up really high today!

March 19 - Thursday

This morning, we dropped my Wolfsburg off at the VW dealer's to check out why it's making a loud rattling noise. Then, onto school! (We saw Mike at the bus stop along the way, dressed as usual in his long coat and Fedora.)

The performance went well. It's Scene 2 from Wonder of the World. Bev laughed all crazy like usual - other people laughed too - when I pulled the blanket off the 'barrel' in my lap to reveal a milk crate with a large drawing of a barrel on it!

Friday (20) - Tuesday (23)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bastard warranty won't cover the repairs for my Jetta, which have been needed since I first got the car from the Chevy dealership. I knew those bastards would get me somehow. Worst part is, I need $234 just to get my car back from the Volkswagen folks, instead of the expected $100.
` Zzzzzzz. I've been sick, but at least it's not a sinus infection this time.

Also, on Monday, I called Phil's mom, who said that Phil actually appreciated the confrontation and did more work for her that week than he had in the past five years. Wow!

March 24 - Tuesday

I went off to the gym in Lou Ryan's truck, not having my car back yet, with the intention of working out and then driving John home, as he doesn't have a car right now. Except... I couldn't figure out how to unstick the clutch when coming up the hill!
` Lou Ryan wasn't answering his phone, but luckily a cop happened by so I flagged him down and he pushed me into the turnout with his bumper bar thingy. Best thing was, Lou Ryan and B Gangsta could see the whole thing happen!
` Only then did Lou tell me about the trick to keeping the transmission from getting stuck.

March 25 - Wednesday

Beautiful sunny day, of which I spent 4 hours getting disability tested. Disturbing amounts of Jones Pure Cane Cola in the house. Lots of cheap/free food for us. Hooray!
` Finally got my car back. There was a note on the door from Crazy Landlady. Apparently she's going to let us resume work on the house in two days. Quick! Everyone take pictures of the wiring before she has a chance to cover it up!
` God! I was asleep the entire time they were gone, now they're back and bugging me while I'm on the computer. But at least I got this done! Onto the gym! And then I'll drive John home, as he doesn't have a car - but I do because we got my car back from getting it looked at and the warranty not covering anything.
` At least I got my car back, and I know what's wrong with it!

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