Friday, February 20, 2009

Continuing on with the life and times of... Dr. Nociceptor!

Once more I have some notebook scribblings for you, and as before, I promise to add my badass photos and 'interesing-ify' them as soon as I am able to sit down and spend the time, and then add more text explaining the photos.
` On with the scribblings... until the next Tuesday!

February 4, 2009, Wednesday

Oh my dog, I've been prison-raped in the mouth! Or something. And when I came home from school, there were brownies and a superhero (that'd be Lou Ryan) whose advances I couldn't resist. I feel so spoiled sometimes!

And then, it was fetch with Violet the Cat of Doom whilst Vada was busy being trapped in the garage-construction zone, probably feeling dejected. Serves her right for sneaking in there to begin with!

I took a long nap and tried to study once everyone but Johnny was asleep, but was quite distracted by all the hammering of him finishing his room up.
` The Grand Finale was a Skil Saw at 2:30 in the morning, right under our bedroom, waking Lou Ryan up, though at least his room is lookin' good - it may be the best one in this godawful house!

February 5, 2009 Thursday

At last!! After nine years, and I've finally completed my State Quarter Collection! At the car wash today, I found the last two, Alaska and Hawaii, thanks to that five dollar bill I earned driving A Band Member to the jam shed!

However, just before retiring to bed, I noticed that the sliding glass door was open. I went out there and called out. Something moved. The Humoctopus, perhaps? And then, I saw two huge, glowing yellow eyes bounding towards me like a rabid kangaroo.
` Of course, it was just my long-legged cat creature, Vada. They had been out there, in the rain. Violet came through the gap in the fence, following her sister.

February 6, Friday

There's been plenty of screaming at the Crazy Landlady and construction noise this long morning before school, not terribly conducive to studying for my test.
` After the test, I was so hungry... that I'm now writing this at Pavé! Yummy muffin! Said "hi" to Cheshire Human's mother's lover, who owns the place.
` As far as the test went, I think I got everything right except the short answers (24 pts) and essay (20). Darn!

February 7, 2009, Saturday

Wow! Way to go, Lou Ryan! He got Crazy Landlady to cooperate and help him finish the house! WHOOOO! (Somehow, however, I don't think this will last long.)

And now... we're listening to old recordings of his music from college 12 years ago. I must say, he's improved quite a bit.

I've also spent much time in the backyard ripping out English ivy and playing with the cat creatures. They are such good little predatory, bloodthirsty angels, climbing up on the roof to fetch a stick and all, and they'll even walk back through the holes in fence when I ask them to!
` Violet's also getting much better at climbing the grapevine trellis-thing, which seems to have become her own personal treehouse!

February 8, 2009, Sunday

This morning's been a little more than hectic, and at the end of it all I had to fill my rear left tire, as I do every morning. Because my tires suck. (Or rather, they blow air out. And are bald.)
` However, I had to call Lou to tell me where the damn compressor attachment was in the mess that is the basement - it wasn't, it was on the dining room table - and then I had to fight my way out of this mess!

(There's a picture of it, see....)

February 9, 2009, Monday

Misty morning as usual. (Photo.) I'm now hanging out with Harlan and Frank, both who would prison rape me, and by prison rape, I mean some other amorphous concept.

Now I'm in the locker room at the gym, just after having discovered that I'd forgot my gym shorts. I also had to call Lou Ryan just now, but I had to use the gym phone because mine was out of service and yet his wasn't, even though we're on the same plan and I paid my piece of the bill already!
` However, I could barely hear him, not having any way to turn up the volume on the phone, and about the only thing I could make out was the word "Yes" after I asked him if my shorts were on the table.

So, when I got home from the gym and noticed that my tire was a bit flat, so I had a flash of insight: "Why not fill it up now so I don't have to worry about it later?"... thus ruining Lou's first perfect take with the rental mike which is due back at six, because I turned on the compressor right below where he was recording, which I didn't know because I couldn't hear him over the phone.

After that, I drove B Gangsta to work, but then we found that he had been 'terminated' at will. He asked why and his boss said that there was no reason! It broke his heart. He'd worked there for seventeen months!

To tell the truth, we were expecting this because the asshole kitchen manager (the one who once caught the oven mitts on fire) and his bitchy girlfriend gave Gangsta nothing but grief, even pulling costly maneuvers such as pretending the customers had rejected his food just to make him cook more.
` They have been doing this kind of thing for some time, and the Gangsta's boss apparently decided that these conflicts have been going on for long enough and... well... since he's the one lower on the totem pole, he was the one to be let go.
` In retaliation to this situation, we immediately headed down to Buzz Inn corporate headquarters and he applied there instead!

And as for Lou Ryan, he finally got three good tracks with the microphone before giving it back. But... there's always something. You see, he had told the Crazy Landlady about the cold tap on the shower not working, and, since our other three showers are not operational, it needs to be fixed, and that any day is good except for Tuesday because he's recording.
` Later on, she informed him that Tuesday was his only chance to ever have showers (or baths for that matter), saying "It has to be Tuesday or I won't fix at all!"
` So, she came over, illegal immigrant in tow, and it was hectic for Lou's recording because he had to make sure she didn't snoop through the house and all that.

So, when I finally got to the gym, John was putting together a new ab machine that one can work on their humping technique, and it was sitting right in the middle of the floor!
` It looks so perverse I love it, and I love using it! So did Adam, and he loved me using it too I'm sure! And it was also kinda hot watching him on it....

Anyway, the cold tap works now, but as for the hot water, most of it still pours out of the bathtub-thingy when you're taking a shower, thus scalding your feet, but you only get about five minutes of shower time before it gets cold. It really sucks!

Also, the illegal immigrant - most likely - has stolen Lou's own giant framing hammer! Like, WTF, dude?

Oh, and of course I also just had to forget, once more, to get toilet paper since my routine of going to the gym and all was messed up and I have now resorted to wiping my ass with... well, never mind.
` Apparently, I'm the only one in the house who ever notices when we're out of T.P. For days. Which kind of makes me feel concerned....

February 10, 2009, Tuesday

This morning, as you can see (photo!!), the light dusting of snow was most inviting to Violet, however, Vada could not be found. Not even in the garage.
` It amused me that Johnny kept finding Violet and proclaiming that Vada had been found, since he couldn't tell her apart from Violet.

And as for the Gangster's job, well, after Lou Ryan talked to his boss, to vouch for him, it was revealed that he'll probably be re-hired as soon as the asshole is fired.
` In the meantime, Gangster can file for unemployment right away because he signed his own termination slip. Which was apparently part of the plan.

Hey! It turns out that Vada really was in the garage, but, as usual, was making sure she didn't get found.

After the Character Interviews in Drama class, Cadet Cory (in one of his jumpsuits) and Tyler whatsisface were plugging a gig they do at Pike Place Market, by way of a demonstration of that Sounds, Speaking, Silence improv thing.
` I... well... let me just say that Tyler played a travel agent, the 'straight man' (though not so heterosexual in the end) Corey had fun as a delinquent customer, using the Sound Effects side of the stage as a bathroom, whereupon he would pull down the back of his jumpsuit and pretend to have extremely nasty diarrhea.
` You don't really want to know.

Then, in order to attend my Humanities class, I just stayed in my chair and the class came to me! Thom Lee and Kamil Hamaoui, both former instructors of mine, did an awesome number, and even Lolly the page-turner got a huge round of applause.

I'm writing now at the gym, on the elliptical. I have probably never mentioned it before, but I've done this quite a few times.
` I was thinking about how, after Googling B Gangsta's workplace for him, because he can't do it himself apparently, then I went to practice lines, so I turned off the fish tank filter and the doorbell rang and it was this guy to be recording with Lou Ryan, and so Gangsta plays his music for him, and I was lying on the couch feeling like I couldn't get away from the noise.
` Like my ears were being... prison raped!

There's a lot of that going on, apparently.

It seems my schedular is not safe for me to rely on. Practically everything I've written has had to be erased and replaced with what I did do in the end. Seriously. Every single square is erased, except for the morning coffee part. (Unless there's no coffee, in which case all squares are erased.)
` I don't know what I'm supposed to do about this. I mean, when Lou says for me to stop telling other people to be quiet because they have lives too, well, what about me?

It's like they take it for granted that I'll sacrifice my time for them, and they don't even say 'thanks'. I am so behind on homework it isn't funny.

Once again I find myself in a familiar cycle, taking care of myself by hiding in the corner in order to pull myself together enough to do homework. However, I don't often manage to pull myself together so my huddling in the corner looks like I'm just being lazy, which I have been called before when in this type of distress.

It's like I keep being so frazzled that I miss my chance.

Now I'm home, and OMG, talk about a lack of sound insulation - there's a HOLE IN MY OFFICE WALL!!! RIGHT THROUGH THE DAMN WALL, so it's now directly connected with the studio, where much noisy activity occurs.

Apparently, during the recording session, Lou and whoever else needed to get the cord for the headphones in.

They also needed room in my office for the drums, so they moved all my stuff, which I had left in mid-organization. DAMMIT!
` Not only that, but there's a cinder block full of dirt and ants on my floor, which they apparently needed to hold up the microphone. Great.

You see why I have trouble using this room? It's just not safe.

Also, despite the fact that Lou Ryan said that today (recording day) was the only day Crazy Landlady couldn't come over to fix the shower, she said that she couldn't fix it any other day. And so, she came over with an illegal immigrant she picked up at the Home Depot parking lot, and thanks to the poor quality of work, she didn't really fix it right, and didn't get the sink working in the downstairs bathroom like she said she would.
` Also, she left both the front door and the garage door wide open, helping to make up for my short time outside this morning with the cats. You know, because they ran outside.
` Oh, and said immigrant (probably) stole Lucas' framing hammer!

...To be continued!


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