Thursday, February 12, 2009

The next photo post, and plans for future posts

Sorry about the delay. My plans keep getting switched around. I think I'm full-blown now. Full-blown what is the thing I don't know yet; all I know is that the experiment has worked.

Anyway, as for my plans; this is the next post in the sequence of photo posts, except it's the last one that currently has photos. What I intend to do is, firstly, put up all the words and then add the photos when it comes time to put them on the photo website.
` Now, this has been attempted before, only I think that this time it will work, instead of being a huge mistake. I think.

Anyway, this is the next post, which has had photos ever since... well, ever since the previous one has. More will be coming quite soon after, but they will be only worded and not pictured at first, except I think they are quite good even without pictures.

January 26, 2009 - Monday

This morning has been, well, you know, picturesque and frosty and all that, with the great sea of mist rising up and threatening to bury us all on the hillside. Thought I'd show you:

Mist Rises Also
I had somehow forgotten what time school started and yet still managed to get ready on time. However, since I'm forbidden from ever using the garage I had once been so excited about using - ours! - I had to deal with what is known as Frozen Car.
` (This isn't a frozen car; it's the best part of a frosty morning, and I think it looks most like a painting for some fantasy story like Lord of the Rings.)

Since Lou had left my video camera in my car from last night, it was frozen too, as was the tire pump that I use to inflate my leaky tire every morning.
` I asked Lou Ryan to help me with these tasks, and like the good superhero he is, he went ahead and picked up the tire pump. Only, the hose stayed where it was in the backseat, having just snapped off from being frozen and all.

And so, I drove to college with a flat tire.

As if it were helpful, I parked my car somewhat short of my usual spot, giving myself the chance to walk through a lovely frosted neighborhood on my way in. (No, I was silly enough not to have brought my camera with me.)

At least I had something to tell people at school. One of them was Xenophon. You may recall His Strangeness. (And his Ampersand of Doom.)

He's a bit more refined now, as is his hair.
` I saw him in the bright and sunlit MPR (or as I call it, the DBR or 'Damned Big Room') as I walked in loaded down with such cafeteria fare as fruit (especially watermelon and pineapple!) and chocolate soy milk.
` Oh Jesus and Dionysus, how I love the cafeteria!

Xeno was himself munching on granola bars and beef jerky, and reading Macbeth amidst the roar of conversation.
` Except for the times we were discussing life, the universe, and schemes.
` Of note, he revealed to me that he was trying to figure out how to get the chemical reaction of 'love' to decouple from its association with a person so that he can turn it off at will. No love, no remorse, I suppose.

Needless to say, I like his inclinations!

After I had finished eating my fruit, organic raspberry yogurt and cinnamon-blueberry muffin, I had to spend the rest of the hour between classes copying my homework; this is the very same homework that Lou Ryan had helped me with the night before, though he had written some contact information on several lines near the bottom, hence the copying.

By the end of my drama class, the instructor was telling one of the students about an audition and it turned out that I'd already been in that movie last year - it was Quadrant 42!
` Not only that, but we were looking at the website and I'M IN THE NEW TRAILER! Check it out! The ridiculously-dressed ultra-vixen carrying the Slaverian flag is me!

On my way out, I went up to the Office For Struggling Students where some food donations were hanging out. So - what the heck? - I grabbed some lima beans and 'wheatmeal'.
` By the time I'd gotten to my car, Lou Ryan, the doll that he is, had already stopped by and plied the air compressor to my tire. Now I wouldn't have to limp it to the gas station to get all four wheels rolling!

After a refreshing workout, I went to the store, bought a bunch of fresh vegetables and even fresher crustaceans, and made some super-tasty stir-fry. In the kitchen, that is, not at the store.
` Lou Ryan, who has never been a fan of stir fry, actually thought it was tasty, so perhaps my stir fry is just plain unusual!

The only thing I would prefer to have more of in my day-to-day life is the sun...

This is what it looked like after I got home.

Later At Night
No sun, no daylight. Where does it all go?

That's it for that Monday. I'll be back with all the fun words (and no pictures) of all the following days, and then later, all the days before then. Then I will put them in order in the Abnormally Humorous Photo Gallery and all will be well.

Got to go, before I'm ousted from here!

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