Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You must watch Dr. Horrible - and right now you can see it all!

And, if you've seen it already, you might be tempted to watch it again! In any case, this is for you, my unwilling subjects, to be subjected to!

Yeah I know... post numero tres having to do with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. What's the big deal? Why have I suddenly started acting like some kind of horny fan girl? Am I really that pathetic? Don't I have anything better to write about?

` Yes I do - and I have been - but it's like this;

` I didn't expect to be able to even watch it again without paying five bucks on iTunes, but I just happened to see Dr. Horrible on MySpaceTV: And this only because of a very rare occurrence - roomie number 1, B-Dizzle, needed to do something online, or otherwise I would have not found it when I did.

"What?" I thought at the title. "Surely it can't be the actual musical... the whole thing...." Oh yes, it's being hosted on Hulu a magical land where there are actually more viewing options than on my blog.

Then, I showed it to my roomie number 2, Director Nathan Lee (having permanently moved in yesterday), who, being a wacky filmmaker and all - thought that it was brilliant. That's right. He thought it was brilliant, while I had to bribe Lou Ryan just to watch it (yes, with sexual favors!), and he just made fun!

Maybe it's a superhero thing?

` However, when Lou Ryan walked into the room, he became glued to the screen and eventually - once we got the glue off - he agreed with Nate.

Anyway, I thought I'd cram this post in ASAP instead of finish the one I was working on last night - considering that it can be done in a few minutes instead of hours. Also, I had a really long day at work, having to sub for someone else, so I don't have time anyway.

` And now I have a blue eyed fuzzball sitting on my lap, purring and licking my face, so I had better go - they can be quite a handful. Pth! Creature hair!


Anonymous said...

I love Neil Patrick Harris!! He's one of my imaginary gay boyfriends... :)

I've missed you! Sorry I haven't been around much... How did Botany go?

Cara said...

Hi Seequine, just wanted to let you know that I am planning to see this video tomorrow, as I have been too busy to watch it today.

I can't wait to see it!




Cara said...

Finally watched it :-)

"Dr Horrible, why did you kill her?"

Erm...he didn't. It was an accident and he's not even the one who pulled the trigger. Her boyfriend did.

Cara said...

At 00:39:28 there is a character from the Evil League of Evil who actually looks like Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion).

What do you think Seequin?

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

U hab any movie thingie wiff kitty kat starz? OK?

S E E Quine said...

X-Dan!! Sorry I've been out of the loop. Hairy things going on, which I emailed you about. Amazed that some people are still coming to my blog, though.
` Isn't Neil Patrick Harris so snuggly? That's why I wouldn't mind being around Dr. Horrible.

It's addictive, isn't it, Cara? I think you may be right - the villain who looks a little like the Quaker Oats guy looks like Fillion!

Sorry, Alex. I haven't heard of many cat videos that parallel this one. But, cheer up! Here; have some scritchie-scratches for your chinny-chin!

Galtron said...

Quaker Oats guy? OH YEAH!! I never noticed that? There's something new each time around. I swear I'm showing it to my friends now, but watching it all the same.

Thanks for pointing this out!

S E E Quine said...

No prob! BTW, I actually looked at the credits - being a critical thinker and all - but the 'Quaker Oats Guy' who was I think named 'Fake Thomas Jefferson' or something, was not played by Nathan Fillion. That makes sense at least....

` You know what else? Ever since I first saw this video, I keep remembering getting a Performers' Callboard notification about needing some extras and supervillains for a project like this one, though it probably wasn't this one, since as far as I can tell it was shot in California.

Just a thought.