Friday, August 03, 2007

Rabbits of doom!

` Once upon a time, I'd heard that former president Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit, which he said was hissing and gnashing its teeth. Indeed, I checked out the story, and as far as I can tell it's true. Look - there it goes!
` A year ago, this fearsome creature gave me an idea... and now, it has come to fruition!

` √úberbunnies! Bringing joy to a peaceful suburban neighborhood near you.

` And in such a variety of designer colors, too!


Jeff Vachon said...

If Carter had managed to overpower that rabbit he would have have a very nice dinner. Rabbit, as you may know, tastes like chicken. I have had both wild and domesticated. Bon appetite!

Kingcover said...

I don't think it was a snake rabbit at all that he was worried about. More like a trouser snake that ate the snake rabbit! :D

zen wizard said...

Well, I probably would be a little scared if I was attacked by a rabid, psychotic rodent--but I guess my question is, where were those guys from NORAD and their heat-seeking missles when ya need 'em?

Dan said...

Holy shit! I don't think I'll ever look at bunnies the same way. And I already looked at them pretty weird to begin with.

S, how's it going? You missed my post where I proved that ghosts and flying saucers exist! Hugs!

S E E Quine said...

` Jeebus! I am so blog-behind!

` Jeff; hmm, rabbit does sound tasty. I've had all kinds of animals - turtle, elk, caribou, alligator, kangaroo, raccoon and beaver (don't snicker). Strangely I don't remember eating rabbit.
` Perhaps I will have a chance when I am stranded in the wild.

` Gareth; snake rabbit? I don't even want to know. (Which means I secretly do.)

` Zen; heat-seeking missiles aren't really necessary for psychotic rabbits - at least mine. Just shine a bright light in their eyes and they go tharn.

` Dan; arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I am sooo behind in bloggerworld! I'm coming right over!

` This is odd - Galtron hasn't left a comment? I wonder if the rabbits of doom are keeping him out?

S E E Quine said...

` P.S. Dan, I just found out that Bigfoot is a member of the CIA!

` P.P.S. Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents!! (Although lagomorphs and rodents are both glires.)

Kingcover said...

LOL I meant "swamp rabbit". Where in the heck is my brain recently. No don't answer that ;-)

The recent of my previous comment is somewhat negated now with mixing a snake up with a swamp. I'm away to crawl back under my bed again!

Kingcover said...

"The REST of my comment ...." - See what I mean?!

Galtron said...

*ducks under rabbits of doom* No, no these bunnies are not a problem. More like horses of doom, as you'll see......

Jeff Vachon said...

This looks like something Da Vinci would have come up with.

S E E Quine said...

` Gareth, your typing mistakes are hilarious. Maybe you could use a tropical island vacation?

` Galtron, I suppose that's the only real problem with moving into the countryside.
` Then again, you're a lot farther away from things so if you forget about an appointment in town, you have a much larger chance of being late.
` I was in fact just thinking about this yesterday: I had an appointment with a school counselor at 12:30, but class unexpectedly let out at 11:00 instead of 12:00, and I forgot all about my appointment!
` I was home and well into homework activities when my phone's alarm rang, telling me I had to be there in ten minutes.
` I thought 'thank Bunnies college is only two miles away from here' - which is also why I could jog there within 45 minutes the other day when my car wasn't working.
` Each time, I somehow managed to not be late. If I lived in the country, however, I would be out of luck each time.
` Damn the banning of Horses of Doom in towns - I bet those could get your around pretty fast, too!

` Jeff; why would Da Vinci invent Rabbits of Doom? Was he secretly attracted to them?