Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stimulants + Human = Bird Calls!

` Though I've speculated many times before, I feel that there is now conclusive evidence for the phenomenon of stimulant-induced bird calls in humans.

` Watch the amazing video evidence for yourself! ...Unless you are easily frightened of middle-aged men moving sixteen times faster than normal while making unnatural utterances that sound precisely like the calls of a Yellowhammer!


Charles said...

I don't even want to know how you ran into this. The song was pretty much contrived, don't you think? It makes a bit more convenient to make humans sound like birds when you have them sing bird songs. Now if you want to cause controversy, then play your music backwards, then the religious fanatics can go on about how it says satanic things.
I was somewhat disappointed with this, as I was hoping that stimulants would simply give me the ability to sing without hurting others. :)

S E E Quine said...

` You're that bad of a singer? So am I! (Par exemple The Profile Song.)
` Yet somehow this has given me visions of a Charles and his buddies tying people up, beating them and raping women, all the while dancing and singing 'Singing in the Rain'.
` Even more disturbing, I would so pay to see that!

Galtron said...

That is about the freakiest thing I've seen in a while. Thanks, doc! I really needed that.

Personally I prefer to sing and dance 'The Time Warp' while I'm beating and raping (and pillaging) but that's just me.
Twenty bucks, front row!

Charles said...

I've heard your profile song. I'm worse. When I sing people's ears spontaneously bleed. Brain tissue is damaged. I took it outside out in the woods and small animals fell from the trees. Its baaad. I don't think beating and raping or dancing and singing is my cup of tea, so to speak. Definitely not the singing and dancing. At least you have some rhythm, you can play piano, you just don't record well on a cell phone. Galtron seems reasonably priced, and his geographical location is more conducive to your viewing. Just make it clear, that the song choice is your's, since you're paying.

William said...

what a great site
ill be back
so stimulating imagine a bird man hehe
i enjoy music but only for those special times kow what i mean?

see quine are you looking at a ghost when your pix was taken? or do yu have a medical situation?

S E E Quine said...

` Gar! I'm so freekin' blogbehind!

` N E Way... Galtron I think I'll take you up on the offer. Who's the next victim?
` (The Time Warp is fine, by the way. Or Mem'ry from Cats. Because that would be really odd.)

` Charles, so glad you don't like singing and dancing. Beating and raping, yeah, but not singing and dancing.
` I'll call you if I have any reason to induce brain damage on anyone.
` Perhaps someday I will figure out how to record things without the need of a cell phone and you can hear my considerably less distorted singing!

` William, I think it's both; I do have a medical situation called 'seeing dead people'.