Saturday, April 07, 2007

...Yes, I AM still back!

` I know, I haven't been online much and I really hate to act like I'm abandoning my unwilling subjects. Or should I call you 'willing subjects', because most of you seem to be coming of your own accord nowadays.
` What's the news? Well, I've discovered something called a Wookey Hole and have traversed into its interior. While I didn't find Wookeys, Wookiees, or any other spelling variation, I did return to find that an old man had jumped out of his window and into my backyard. Most perplexing.
` I've also been on the internet a whole lot today partly because I'm so relieved that MAL, my recently-repaired computer, did not blow up when the battery backup caught on fire. (Jeez, is the electricity that bad? Or could it have something to do with the chemical an unwanted visitor spilled on it back while I was writing this post?) I even inadvertently located the internet whereabouts of a former roommate of mine who now enjoys slaughtering pomegranates.

` Oh yes. Meat cleavers abound! Reminds me of... me, really. Indeed, I think that his being my roommate has, unfortunately, rubbed off on the poor boy. (Ah, to think that a year ago, my life was so different....)

` Perhaps someday we can unite and join forces to take over the... um... pomegranate growers of the world! Mua ha ha haaaa!
` Well, if I'm going to take on a responsibility like that, I'd best get back to my internet-based homework - the other reason I've been online for most of today. And I really need to get it done, too - however, since the web site is experiencing difficulties, I am still waiting!


Galtron said...

Oh!! I forgot about this post!! Ha ha! A little more Spooniness without the Spoony!
Well, that fellow seems like a decent-enough chap! I hope you two are making pomegranite grower-dominating plans by now!

S E E Quine said...

` Actually, his response to my finding his blog has been to block me (and everyone else) from it. *Sigh.* Now only the pure of heart can enter.... See?
` That's funny, because I thought he wanted readership!
` Anyway, I suppose the reason he'd changed his blog address to begin with (and never returned calls from me) was to get rid of me!
` Why, I can't imagine - what had I ever done to him? (Other than be a pansy while I was his roommate's sock puppet....) I can't think of anything!!

Galtron said...

He didn't return your calls? Isn't that normally a clue when someone doesn't like you?

I know, I'm being a smartass. ;D

Maybe he secretly dislikes sock puppets?

S E E Quine said...

` Actually, he doesn't normally even answer his phone, so I didn't think it was such a big deal.
` As for the sock puppet thing, you could be right. After all, I always gave in to Phil's guilt trips ('you won't leave me, right?') and it really annoyed them both that I was so needy, stressed, and directionless because doing that was driving me crazy!

` On the other hand, I may have made him and Phil feel like they were sock puppets by developing a will of my own!
` For example, this guy was borrowing my car for the longest time, had everything 'under control'... but then I eventually took it back from him, even though he didn't have his own car yet!
` On his blog, he said 'I no longer have a source of transportation' (not even hinting at what was going on), which may be due to his feeling ashamed of borrowing someone's car for months after they had moved out and had long needed it back.

` Who knows?

` Of course, I also really hurt Phil by establishing that I wasn't interested in him. In fact, I see now that I never was.
` Just after I moved out, I lost my phone and though I insisted it must have been in my car, neither of those boys could find it.
` Days later, Mr. Car-less finally finds my phone hiding under the seat and Phil brings it over, only to peek under the hanging sheet (where my miniblinds were supposed to have been) to find me doing something to some guy that he always wished I would do.
` Well, destroying his best friend probably bred some bad emotions towards me, especially if they thought I had been cheating on Phil this whole time with a secret persona that actually allowed physical contact with men!
` And then I made a comment on his blog in where I mentioned that I'd met a guy and that it was just before Phil had found my phone, and if I've corrected a misconception of his, that would also probably made him feel really stupid.

` Mere speculation, though. In any case, there's probably some really good reason that I've annoyed him, shamed him, or something, so of course he won't want anything to do with me.
` But what?! Have they been spreading rumors behind my back?