Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Superhero Lou Ryan outdone by bickering senior citizens and a little boy!

I haven't been around much because I've been getting my butt kicked, let's just say, but Lou Ryan has been much better off than I, despite the bickering senior citizens and little boy having bested him!

First off, if you haven't already seen it five million times, I want you to get a good look at this award-winning five-minute film that Lou Ryan (a.k.a. Lucas Ryan Ernst) stars in and shows just what a superhero can do, tearing around Seattle, doing stunts, and even showing a little of his Sex A-peel, and it was all made in only two days!

With all the special effects and things, it's almost hard to believe it was 'thrown together' in two days, hence the name, 48-hour Film Festival -- Sex A-peel won six awards, including second-best film!

But, out of 120 films, who won best picture? That award went to 'Bickering Senior Citizens Make A Movie', which is actually called Behind the Scenes of Twisted Love. Why did it win? For more than just 'best acting' -- it's fraggin' hilarious!

And thus, Lou Ryan has been beaten by bickering senior citizens! They only won five awards, though....

And what of the little boy? Well, that comes next. See, Lucas was in this commercial entered in a contest to win $10,000. It went viral all over YouTube, and he was known as The Dancing Janitor because of his karate-mopping. No, really.

Though it was one of three finalists,, something about the production value really didn't sit well with the judges, and so actually, Lou Ryan got his butt kicked by this kid:

Hence, the title of this post.

But if you're wondering what he's up to now... well, it's the whole reason he has a beard much of the time.
` You see, he plays the star of a new TV show we're hoping gets picked up. It's called 'Hump City', though I hope my suggestion of calling it 'Debauchery Unlimited' is acted upon.

Indeed, Lou Ryan plays J.R., a guy known for his initials, and for being a huge slob who gets these cockamamie ideas about time traveling in order to sue Svedka Vodka for false advertising ('Voted best vodka of 2033!') using 'normal guy' Bob's car as a time machine! And that's only the pilot episode....

Unfortunately for Bob, he's been fired for not having near the acting caliber as Lou Ryan or the others, and so they're re-shooting it at our house with a new Bob! Whoo-hoo!
` And, if you haven't already seen this about two million times, check out the trailer for... 'Web Comedy Project', I guess they're calling it now, by Pinprick Films.

Upcoming Pinprick Films Web Comedy Project from Pinprick Films on Vimeo.

And by the way, the next episode involves J.R. using a pregnancy test as a target so he doesn't pee all over the bathroom, and the result is positive... and so is the next... and the next! Soon, he has a bag of positive pregnancy tests... and not a gynecologist who will seriously consider what this must mean... he's pregnant!

Or something.

Something indeed! And it gets real interesting when his abdomen swells up! Mua ha ha ha ha!

It's the closest I could get to mad science at this time. Even though I already have a mad science post started, I just don't have the heart at this point in time. I'm still reeling from my setbacks to becoming a mad scientist.


Kingcover said...

How did that clothing video beat Lou Ryan's film?!?! That's crazy. Were the judges on drugs? Lol


S E E Quine said...

Well, you know... production quality. Lucas was still far more amusing, though.