Friday, December 26, 2008

More, more, more James Randi! (New blog material being less important at the moment...)

Have you ever thought that TV psychics looked impressive? Randi breaks it down and shows that; "What they do is not differentiatible - is that a good word? - from what the magicians do."
` This is an appearance of his on The View, and it's a review of 'TV psychics' that have appeared earlier on the show.

Of note: (In case you're too lazy to watch.)

First a clip is shown of James van Praagh, who asks a woman (not telling her but asking) about someone having had eye trouble (anyone living or dead).
` She identifies herself as this person, "yes, I have eye trouble."
` He asks if there was some kind of "surgery or a procedure, having to do with something" (not even eyes) and she answers, "Yes, I had eye surgery when I was three years old," thus linking his two suggestions.
` Only after confirming this fact does he say, "Thank you, because he's telling me that." Well, if the 'spirit' really was telling him that, then why did he have to ask first?

Then we look at Char (not to be confused with Cher), who is asking a woman if she was connected to an A or a William or Willy or an M, deceased? Living? That could be anyone now!
` The woman says "Yes", a co-worker friend", thus taking the subject to 'work'.
` So Char asks; "Are they making some changes at your work?" Which leads to some confusion.

Then they take a look at Sidney Friedman. Randi says, "You can go into any magic shop and ask for that trick. It sells for $29.95... it's a standard trick." However, Starr already knows the trick and tells all!
` And of course, there's Uri Geller again, this time with a compass. James Randi brings his own compass along!

And now, learn how to turn off your own pulse at will! That and more at 6 and 11 on News 4 South Florida!

Now, on Discover Magazine, learn how to make a pencil move without touching it - and more!

Randi says; "I, frankly would look forward to some results that would be... significantly positive, and I'd have a new discovery on my hands." So, he does a double-blind experiment.
` Neither he nor the supposed psychic know if the vial contained distilled water or Stevia. Dr. Lowe got 8 out of 20, which is "what we would expect from chance alone."

After a short preamble on The Arsenio Hall Show, Randi talks about how he investigates and makes the important distinction between investigating and debunking, plus the newly-upgraded $100,000.00 Challenge.

It seems odd now that these things can be new to anybody, though I'd forgotten about the salt shaker trick.

Sick of James Randi yet? Too bad. Because you know those comedians, Penn & Teller? They followed in his footsteps, and... well, I promise I'll get back to writing things after that one.


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