Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh yeah! James Randi Exposes Himself - and other scintillating videos!

I told you I'd be back with more James Randi videos. (If only because I don't have the time to write new posts.)

On this episode of Inside Edition, we find that a fraudster whose reputation was supposed to have been ruined (by James Randi) has made yet millions more dollars.
` This fraudster is none other than Peter Popoff, a man who used a wireless radio earpiece to convince people that he could hear the voice of God (recorded by James Randi) and therefore possessed the powers of God.
` One of his victims, 'Cathy Roe', speaks out about how she feels she was stupid and brainwashed for sending him 45 hundred dollars - after which she didn't have enough to buy food.
` So, how is Popoff getting even more money than ever? Just send away for Popoff's miracle water and salt packet, sprinkle the salt on a check for 27 dollars, send it in, drink the water, and send Popoff another check.
` On his infomercial, Popoff explains; "You see, it's not the water that releases the power, it's your obedience to the instructions of the prophet of God." An interview for the program, however, is out of the question, as Matt Mahar found!

But not only has Randi exposed Popoff, several times, he's also exposed himself! In this clip, we are introduced to 'Joseph Arnott', on an ancient television show called That's My Line with Bob Barker. And, since Uri Geller was in vogue at the time, what do you think he was claiming to be able to do?
` "Did you believe he used his psychic powers?" Bob asks the audience, and he gets an applause. "How many of you do not believe it?" More cheers erupt, and then one woman is essentially forced to spit out the fact that she believes Joseph must be a fake.
` To which he replies; "I would say, Bob, that the lady is of great perception, because I am a fake!"
` Flaunt it, Randi, flaunt it!!

The next Randi video is not as far back in the day, from 1986, close to home on Seattle's KOMO TV. (We also have both a KING and a KONG. Woohoo!)
` Randi talks about what he does and once again, bends a spoon.

And now onto the disputed phenomenon of psychic surgery - complete with a film for all to see. Randi explains that that was not even an impressive example, as blood does not stain the body as the brownish substance in the film does.
` Instead, he says, that must be the commonly-used betel nut juice. He also says that real blood can also be used - tests from stained clothing turn up chicken blood, occasionally pig blood.

This whole thing becomes more interesting when the audience members get involved - the film was actually of one of them!

Another audience member says she can provide documentation that psychic surgery cured her liver and pancreatic cancer, and yet she refuses to actually do so.
` Randi says; "I'm willing to be shown, but everyone says 'No' or 'I can't get it' or 'I've forgotten the name of the doctor' or whatever - why wouldn't you give us that documentation?"
` Yes, why wouldn't she? Find out!

Well, there's more to this show, but this appears to be all that is on YouTube. Next time, however, I will have different and probably much better video selections. Just for you. Because these posts don't require days of writing - though these do require that I spend hours reviewing the videos!


Mona said...

So many videos! But I LOVED the one in which you were a bad girlfriend! :)

Merry Christmas to Sara & Lou Ryan & the cats!

S E E Quine said...

'Twas nothin'. I love being the bad one. Do you?

Thanks! Oh shoot, we've been snowed in so long I forgot Christmas was yesterday.

KB said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. See you in the New Year :)

S E E Quine said...

Thanks KB, you too!

It actually was Merry, considering there were no presents or even a decent meal around to keep us company while we remained snowed-in.