Monday, March 24, 2008

Photo spillover....

Oh no! There's no captions for these photos! What shall I ever do? They're merely arranged in alphabetical order....





(Look closely for windowcat!)


(An accent to the huge yard rut!)







(That girl can climb!)





So, what's this all about? These are actually photos I couldn't fit into
this epic adventure! I think that when you actually discover the context they belong in, many of them become more meaningful (and thus interesting)!

I will be exploring the importance of context in my upcoming posts. You can count on me for that. Until then... well, read the adventure post (if it loads easily enough) and keep hanging around!


Daisy said...

I am very impressed with the tree-climbing. I have never really climbed a tree before. Once, I got boosted up into a tree so I could get my picture taken. I do not think that counts though.

S E E Quine said...

` Then, girl, you must learn to live dangerously... though not being scared of being in trees is important.
` Just yesterday, Vada climbed high into a tree and then panicked. She eventually climbed down when she realized that I couldn't come up and get her, so I hope she's learned something from this!
` ...And I've learned that keeping a leash on her at all times is essential, even if she is a grazing cat.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful kitty photos. I must tell Alex to look at them when he finishes his evening cat nap.

Cara said...

Wow, that tree climbing pic is awesome. I wish there were trees like that around here. My cat would love to climb them.

barman said...

Great pictures especially the tree climbing ones. I bet that is using a harness different than anyone ever expected it to be used.

Galtron said...

Why is everyone commenting over here, when these were just the "rejected" photos from the other post? (Maybe they are just not obsessive compulsive commenters like me?)

It's sad they had to be rejected, though, because they're so good! I like best the one with the sun shining through the trees. (Even though you had a similar one on the "epic adventure" post.)

I look forward to your "context" blog posts, doctor!

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks everyone! I appreciate comments so much! And I'm just about to start working on my post again right now, Galtron.
` And yes, harnesses are great for tree-climbing cats who might climb out of your grasp. (As I'd learned the other day with Vada!)

KB said...

The pics are adorable