Monday, January 30, 2006

On the move again!

` Admittedly, I have been somewhat... hirudinoid lately, skulking across the background of other peoples' lives. That, and the utility room door in the hallway.
` Pardon the blurriness - it's tricky to take pictures of oneself with a mere CDC. (Strangely, I look almost normal without goggles....)
` At any rate, my days of being a human leech are over. I now have a lab of my own to occupy with every bizarre thing I own - and nothing I don't.
` I have yet to repair MAL, however much I miss him, so it will be a while until I can resume my business and subsequently obtain internet service of my own.
` This doesn't mean I'll be offline the whole time - in fact, I will probably spend a lot of time at one of the library's computers.
` In time, though, I will aquire new computer parts, perhaps something to sleep on, and... maybe get a haircut. Seriously, my hair is starting to remind me of my mutant Haumania!


Amber said...

You do look strange w/o goggles.
When do you move into the new lab?

cassie d said...

heh heh....
who are you creeping up on?

Is this IN your new lab, or the people at Cost Cutters!


S E E Quine said...

` I'll probably be moved in by February 2 or 3rd.

` And for your information, Cassie, I am the Cost Cutter! I go around at night with giant, razor-sharp scissors and rip my enemies off with them!
` Or at least, you know, parts of them.... Mmheh!

cassie d said...


i get it, my MAD sister!