Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos back to Summer 2008!

That's right. I'm still working on these crazy things. At this rate, I'll get back to 2006 in a few months. And that's if I work hard at it!
` Many days were required to figure out how to get the photos from various different folders, decide what to name them so they'd show up in alphabetical order, and then to cut and paste them from many folders into one folder for each month, transfer them to another computer, upload them, and then add captions to all one thousand or so of them!

Well, do I wanna make a website? Yeah. And for that, I have photos from June, including my trip to Hood River...

june 101 Grounded kites

July, which was when I hiked up Mount Pilchuck in the snow...

july 073 My mouth! Sexy!

And August, which was when my mom and brother came to visit me in my crappy ghetto apartment!

A3 020 Mom and Bro meet Vada and Violet

Well, I've spent since nine this morning finishing this up... and it's three in the afternoon now! Just to give you and idea of how long and tedious this is... that's like... six hours just today!

You understand now why this is such a big deal for me? I could be doing something better with my time! Like working, or conducting experiments, or using the internet to check my email, or getting a life!

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