Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new buttload of photos!

It took about six hours of my day to finish editing the photos, then change the titles on Flickr, etc! Thank goodness I was already done with my homework!

YOU WILL CHECK OUT OCTOBER 2008's SPECTACULAR PHOTOS from when we moved out of the ghetto apartment (and remodeled the studio).

sn 080 B-Gangsta tearin' down recording booth

The ghetto apartment - we had six people living in there!

sn 082 Crappy tiny ghetto apartment

Ghetto apartment emptied:

sn 125 Our old apartment, sans stuff

That was when we first moved into the Crazy Landlady house, which we've long since been evicted from because she wouldn't let anyone bring it up to code! Lucas tried so hard:

sn 248 Lucas hard at work!

Also; Violet chasing a squirrel!

sn 036 Violet and squirrel

And shooting a movie, starring Brad, who has an upcoming local TV show called The Angry Chef!

sn 376 Mua ha ha ha ha!


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