Friday, September 18, 2009

July Photos Finally Up!

I deleted about a hundred of them - mostly blurry photos of fireworks (I had to take a lot of them because I was being jostled constantly, hence the blurriness). There's also photos of various sea creatures, like sea cucumbers....

jj 414 Sea cucumber glamor shot

...And these strange things!

jj 331 Zwei divers, zwei boats

Not to mention, all kinds of cool stuff, including the horizon in many colors:

Volcanic red:

jj 053 Neon red horizon


jj 219 Pink horizon


jj 226 Orange horizon

And blue:

jj 260 Blue and green horizon

Plus, islands full of fireworks...

jj 148 Good pic of explosions!

...And of course, FenceCats!

jj 255 Someone approaches!

It took me a couple of days to finish... now it's safe to move onto more important projects...

Why not take a look?

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