Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow. The stuff just keeps happening!

Okay, I haven't done this in a while. It's a good recollection for me of all the crap we were going through before the move, so I can look back on it and say "Ah! Glad to be out of there!"
` So here's the last days of March and some of April, and though there are no photos up here, you can view some of them in my Facebook's April 2009 photo album!

No, I'm not addicted to Facebook. You can see that.

March 30, Monday

Why does stuff stop working when I use it? Do I just break stuff because I'm me?

I did tons of housework this morning while a cool worker, Roma, took the new shower in the master bathroom (the old shower is also still there!) out of the wall so he could make water spring forth from it. Imagine that! A shower which sprays water!

When it came close to leaving-for-school-time, I spent 25 minutes looking for my water bottle and didn't find it. Still got to Surviving the Holocaust class early (Holocausts are important to survive!) and discovered... separate desks in a classroom?!

Then I found Stephen - I mean TallGuy - who helped me out by holding onto my bag while I went into the bookstore so that it didn't have to be sealed by the security officer.

I had to get 8 books for the Holocaust class, but they didn't cost much.

Then I got to math class, on time. ALEKS is such a cool program. I love it.

Got home and found my water bottle (of course!) and the missing page of my screenplay, which had somehow gotten blown into our bathroom where Roma was working, and he somehow put it on top of an empty box and then put another box on top of it so it was squashed down inside. Jeezus! Leave my screenplay unattended near a stranger and it goes from being with the rest of my stuff to in the midst of a trash heap!
` The brightly-colored cardboard cat carriers, unfortunately, went from being in perfect brand-new condition to crumpled and torn up.

While I'd been gone today, Lou Ryan took a man named Patrick, who came to fix something in our main bathroom, on a tour of our house and explained everything that was going on. He said; "You know what she told me? That you're bad tenants who are kicking holes in the wall, and we're here to fix the damage."
` Now, that is such a Mind-Boggling Lie that I am betting it is only crazy enough to befit a landlady.

I was almost done with homework when I got interrupted by Lou Ryan, who told me to go to bed, and I did.

March 31, Tuesday

So, Roma is back, to finish up the shitty work. We also got to kick C.L. out of the house.

I went to do some math on the computer, but the computer turned off and wouldn't come back on because the button for turning on the UPS is stuck in the off position. But now, with music blasting through the house, there isn't much chance for me to finish the homework I'd started last night.

What happened today while I was at school: Crazy Landlady brought her little church friend to help repair what was supposed to have been a basement kitchen. We were supposedly the 'mean, criminal tenants' and she was the 'poor fretting landlady', and B-Gangsta got down there and said, "we haven't been able to use this space the entire time we've lived here, but we've been paying full rent. You are a thief!" and the church friend knew what was going on and he refused to help.

So, the shower has been re-installed so that it works this time, except now it's dripping.
` Fixed the computer UPS though - the button was stuck and wouldn't come on. Watched Trekkies on it with my free rental.

April 1, Wednesday

Didn't realize Trekkies was being showed IN CLASS! I could have been doing something else.

It was raining like hell when I got home. The first thing I did was answer the cat when she said something to me in 'mommy I'm glad you're home' talk. It was almost dark, fish tank trickling sounds echoing through the hall, drowning out the sound of the stereo blasting in the basement. First thing I do as usual when I come home is put water in the fish tank. IT IS FUCKING LOUD.
` The kitchen, of course, is a mess and all I can do to get it that way is not be there and it happens magically. THis morning I had pancakes and coffe and washed my plates and there weren't piles of dirty dishes everywhere - now there are.
` Then I went into the basement and turned the stereo off. No one else was home.

Vada talked a lot with me, but where is Violet? Locked in the computer room, really cold as it is at least once a day because the window is always left open when I'm not around to shut it, so I did. Well, time to clean up the kitchen and start on my homework.

Went to Johnny's concert. HE ROCKED! The other guys were not rocking out - the one guy's guitar was constantly blaring out feedback because he was so timidly picking at the strings.

April 2

After watching Night and Fog in class, I met Nymphomaniac in the Gray Wolf building. She convinced me to have a birthday party - today is my birthday - and we had to move because a bulletin board was being put up. It will be finished soon!
` Came home to a birthday check, bought gas, strawberries, yogurt, etc. And then... there was tons of food at home, including a CAKE. And a balloon attached to my cats, and some chocolates! Then we fired up the barbecue.

April 3, Firday

My smoothie plans went perfectly- peaches, strawberries, rehydrated cherries (since last night) and even honeydew and yogurt... until I was pouring it into a cup and Lucas was standing way too close to me with Violet in his arms, when he bumped me and I yelped and spilled it and Violet just about tore his nipple off. Of course I was repremanded for the screaming.

Re-calling the people who didn't answer their phones last night. Mmm, smoothie.

Pictures of Gray Wolf inaguration.

People were over! They came, they conquered, then went. I tried to make Harlan feel bad about not coming via phone molestation.
` We had the pizza, asparagus and cheese, and was much rejoicing and they were going to spank me but because someone was watching Wolf and it was audible house-wide, we wound up watching it.
` Timmy fixed the computer! Roma fixed the shower leak, too!
` Crazy Landlady's former insurance agent and former tenants also came over today.

April 4, 2009

Today I woke up to sunlight and the sound of mucus rolling in my sinuses very loudly. Because I wake up when I snore. Started cleaning the kitchen, sun is glowing through the mist. Immediately got up, ejected so much mucus as possible, in pretty colors, and started laundry.
` Was taken on a nice walk that went a little too long - now to face the fact that I'm behind in homework.

April 7

Had a long converstaion with TallGuy at school, while drying my shorts taht had been attacked by an exploding water bottle.

April 8

Woke up before my alarm went off when Lucas coughed a huge loogie in my mouth! Then went to school and discussed that I am way overqualified for Mensa.

April 9

It's so cute how Vada is destroying a mosquito killed on the inside of the sliding glass doors whilst Violet paws at it in vain from outside the glass!

Hung out with Nympho, we proposed our own Nine Foot Nation and it sown language, etc, and went to the Food Bank. Also, I saw Stephen on a bus, so I called him and saw him suddenly reach for his bag, but he didn't answer his phone, then called back later and told me he couldn't even hear his phone ringing!
I'm at the gym, preparing for Zippy's - Justin walked by the gym, but didn't come in, and instead left me an answering message that he's rally busy.

What a time at Zippys'! Zippy was there, and HairyGuy, Jesus, Adam, Nympho, Xenophon, Cheshire Human and Flinch.
` Interesting time as usual with Xeno afterwards on the sidewalk. I noticed that Cheshire was bummed out, so I decided to stay perhaps an hour just to console her. She was bummed because she got rejected by two people. As we were walking to my car we saw Lucas, Johnny and Matty at this club by Tony V's (Formerly Jimmy Z's) called Haley's. Lucas was pisssed because he got stood up by a musician he was supposed to meet, so he playd his guitar for us a minute, then went inside and we went on our way. By the time we were several blocks away he called me and asked where we'd gone!
` We'd gone to my car by then. After that, it was onto Denny's, where we checked to see who was there, then I drove her home. As for Lucas, the guy did show up, and he was a horrible jerk so Lucas left.

So now I'm folding the laundry that I did earlier today and Johnny and Matty are at it again. "What are you gonna tell my family if I die?" Johnny said: "Matty's gone, baby, we're in the clear!"
` As for a eulogy for Matty: "He was a crackhead and a puto." Uproarious laughter is the only good part about their constant bickering.

Wow, I'm glad he's out of the picture. Anyway, I have to get back to the real world. The rest of it later. Ciao!

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