Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here's yet another post NOW...

Partly because I feel the need to document my third attempt at digitally copying my video of my fuzzball creatures growing up and becoming big and scary. This is because I'm using a MacPro and cannot comprehend its 'user-friendly' interface and extremely inconvenient one-button mouse (which, once I get some video to work with, I shall replace with a two-button mouse).

` The first time, Final Cut broke all two hours of my video into small chunks, so I had to stay up way past my bedtime to constantly check on the computer to prompt it to continue after each chunk.
` Finally, at about two in the morning, I put everything together into one continuous clip... and found that instead of not noticing the transition between clips like I thought would happen, there is a noticeable skipping between them, which looks as if someone randomly just edited bits out - sometimes in places where I need a continuous shot!
` So, I did it once again today, using Lou Ryan's account (because I don't have my own account on this Mac) so there are no such settings applied to the program. Unfortunately, at the end of my two hours of wait, I found that there was no sound whatsoever.

` So, rather like a scientific experiment, I have to run it once again to make sure things are going okay.

` The reason I'm telling you here is because the project alerts blog is currently spitting out some really great photos every three days, which would sweep this message away in no time. (Kind of lets you know how much time I've been investing in blogging - next to nil.)
` In any case, I had planned to make this video on this computer since February, though I was not allowed to even set it up and turn it on for quite a while. After that, the computer wound up being sent away every weekend to be used by Director Nate. You know, for important purposes such as working.

` Discouraged, I found that other things might be more productive to focus on for several months, seeing as this situation seemed hopeless. But now, since the computer has been back for a few days after being in Hood River for a month or so, and because I have the confidence, I am actually attempting to create this video, with the express purpose of posting it on YouTube where all can see!

` The creatures are really quite something, so it will be worth the technical difficulties!

Update - 17: 24 (or 5:24 p.m.): I'm now doing this a fourth time because I actually deigned to leave the Mac and go to the gym to further inflate my overly-bloated muscles, thus strengthening my resemblance to a young man.
` Though the computer had been steadily capturing my digital tape when I had left, I returned to find the tape at the end of the reel and no indication that it had ever been saved to the hard drive.

` Khaaaaaaaannnn!

Further Update - 18:25: Qa'pla! After my extensive walking of said fuzzballs (in sporadic rain, no less!), all of my insidious footage has now been safely stored on the hard drive, so Phase One is complete.
` However, Phase Two shall have to wait until tomorrow because I have plans for tonight... which involve going to a movie theater. I hear Dark Knight is a good movie....

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