Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dr. Horrible: Not only does he blog, he's a lip-syncher!

` Available for free until July 20th! I would have told you earlier if I'd known. So glad to be able to view this! I present to you... the story of Dr. Horrible and its sing-alongedness! I must say, it reminds me somewhat of another musical, the South Park movie, except without all the crudity.

` In Act 1, We meet our protagonist, Dr. Horrible, a fellow struggling evil scientist villain person, see his interests in life, and we laugh at the whole thing because it's so really strange.

` In Act 2, the laundry really hits the fan and we begin laughing even harder. Woo hoo, that superhero is too much for me!

` In Act 3, we see what happens ultimately and pee our pants laughing! And then... the shocking conclusion! It's a little bit like Batman Begins, except... it's about Dr. Horrible.

` Genius!! Did they like, steal my whole mad scientist life and change the characters around? I'm serious! Wait a second... those bastards! Oh, but a lot of that stuff never made it to blogland (due to my mental instability)... well, they must be stalkers then!
` Oh yeah, I gotta say thanks to the ever-bizarre Morgetron for actually giving me the whole heads up about it! I know, I don't get out much myself in internet land....
` Check it out! And fast, if you don't want to have to pay a tiny amount of money to see it... well, I'd honestly pay seven bucks, that's how good I thought it was!

` By the way, still working on my next post, which is as huge and bloated as they come! Except for today... I'm off to Mount Pilchuck! Hopefully there's plenty of snow to cool down in up there.... (I love the Pacific Northwest!)

Update: Now that it's only available on iTunes, I'm really annoyed because I downloaded iTunes and it won't let me set up an account. Here's my problem: I tried to sign in using my gmail address. The iTunes thing says my gmail account is already being used for another account, but if I want, it can email me my password so I can sign in!
` So, I tell it to send my password... except it says that it's actually sending this email to my Yahoo email account (which currently has exactly 1800 messages).
` Alright. So, I go to my Yahoo account awaiting the email. Doesn't show up. I try again and again, but no emails anywhere! This is probably why I don't have an iTunes account now; there's nothing I can do if I don't remember my password!
` And now I'm stuck for all eternity.... Until I make another email account to I can sign in to iTunes.
` iLife.
` But I won't let that overshadow the greatness of Dr. Horrible. He's just a step ahead of me! I wanted to write about all the parallels between us, but actually attempting that very thing just got a little weird and tedious and maybe bordering on seeming fanaticism.
` However, for your enjoyment, I did manage to dig up some old Dr. Nociceptor material that you might just find on my art blog soon. (It really reminds me of Dr. Horrible a lot, and this is mostly the reason why I'm interested in him! I mean... interested in... his blog... er... never mind.)


Galtron said...

Aaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! Watched all three, even though it's now after midngight! It was worth it!

Almost sprayed grape juice all over my new monitor when Captain Hammer walks back into frame to clarify his euphamism; "the hammer is my penis".

So thank you again, Dr. Nociceptor! This educational film has given me new appreciation for Struggling Mad Scientists! Especially ones created during the writer's strike, or during any tough times in any case.

S E E Quine said...

` I thought you would like that, Galtron! Indeed, it is scary how much this resembles the vision in my mind. If only I had a movie production company. Wait a sec! I do! Well, I mean, one that will do what I want them to do!
` And you're right, it looks like it's still downloadable! I guess midnight July 20 means the next midnight....
` Glad you had such a great time watching! For some reason, after a tiring hike and ski downhill, and giving Lou Ryan's giant hammer a blow job in lieu of bribing him to watch this, it just didn't seem all that funny.
` Guess my laughter muscles are tired.... But when they're not! Well, I'll remember not to drink grape juice.

Galtron said...

You WHAT!?

S E E Quine said...

` Well, I hiked around on the snowy mountain with Lou and... oh yeah, Lou Ryan - superhero extraordinare - said that he would only watch it if I would give him a blow job.
` A 'blow job', by the way, is a form of currency. Nitwit.

Galtron said...

Currency? In the form of... sucking dick?

S E E Quine said...

` Well, of course. Because I'm such a tool. Like Captain Hammer.
` Must be because thinking about Dr. Horrible makes me think of blow jobs.
` Because he's so sexy.

Galtron said...

You know, Neil Patrick Harris is gay....

S E E Quine said...

` I didn't. In any case, Dr. Horrible seems straight enough!

KB said...

It's not every day I get to read comments about blow jobs.

Will you be posting pics of this climb?

S E E Quine said...

` HELL yeah! I'm planning on doing the same thing that Gareth (Kingcover does) with his mountain walks... except this one's a real mountain! And there's real snow we had to deal with most of the way!

Galtron said...

Couldn't help but to come back and watch it once more! More fav quotes:

Apparently, Captain Hammer is cheesy on the surface, but sometimes there's a sweeter layer underneath. But, Horrible disagrees:
"And sometimes, there's a third, even deeper layer that's the same as the surface one."

Dr. Horrible shaking hands with Captain Hammer in public: "We're meeting for the first time!"

The Newscasters:
"It's a good day to be homeless!"
"It certainly is!"

"Home is where the heart is, so you're home's in your chest!"

Whimpering on the floor: "I think this is what pain feels like! ...Oh, Momma! ...Someone maternal! Whaaaaaaaa!"

I like how one of the paper headlines says: 'Country mourns What's her Face', and on TV the headline is 'Captain Hammer is Defeated by Dr. Horrible'
(So sad about What's Her Face, really!)

And there's something I liked about the sheer retardacity of Captain Hammer and also... his groupies! I totally want those groupies!

S E E Quine said...

` And Galtron, you can get those groupies, if you manage to defeat... well, looks like Horrible's done that. But don't mess with Horrible! (He's mine.)
` And thanks for the quotes. It would be annoying, only I'm having some woes with iTunes, so I won't yell at you for it.
` Must have more Horrible goodness! You'll tell me about his future episodes, won't you?

` Ah... I do have some of it emblazoned in my mind still at this point.
` Something about knowing the feeling of your goggles gleaming in the sun, about to stomp your enemy, singing: "It's a brand new day and the sun is high, and the birds are singin', 'you're gonna die!'"
` And, I want his chair! Especially if he's sitting in it at the time.....
` Shutting up now. Do keep an eye on my art blog this August....

Kingcover said...

I missed this after you told me about it last night (it wasn't until after midnight your time that I actually got my butt into gear and came over here), I did however find it on YouTube :-)
Not totally sure what it is supposed to be but that is possibly because I haven't watched it all yet ..... or perhaps it's an American thing. Hahaha just a little dig at what you said on my previous post ;-)

Kingcover said...

LMFAOOOOO!!! "HELL yeah! I'm planning on doing the same thing that Gareth (Kingcover does) with his mountain walks... except this one's a real mountain! And there's real snow we had to deal with most of the way!" ........... holy hannah that stung! :-P

S E E Quine said...

` Sting indeed, Mr. Gareth. I am Dr. Nociceptor, after all. Mua ha ha ha haaa! Just imagine the pain... the pain! you'll be in later on when you actually see what I've done!
` Er, ah... I wasn't able to find it on YouTube, but I did manage to find Dr. Dreadful (who has beat me to the YouTube punch) this little fella.