Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy April 20th!

` As you may know, it's 4-20 today. I just popped in here to tell you that I haven't forgotten about this particular blog, nor my Erich von Daniken-bashing. (Not for its own sake, but as you can see below, it's pretty obvious that he has asked for it loud and clear.)
` Spending some long days in the lab. The snow has finally melted from our recent surprise snowstorm and today it's warm and sunny. I was going to meet X-Dan today for a study session but his being chronically ill had caused him to be seeking medical treatment. (Actually, he wrote a little thing about it on his blog right here.)
` So I took a walk to Tacos of the Sea and got myself a fish burrito. I had just been to the gym and boy was I starved!

` (Crazy people at the gym, by the way. I can hardly keep track of them. I think they have had too many drugs.)
` Oh... speaking of diseases, B-Dizzle contracted MRSA Staphylococcus sometime while he was at the hospital and has been taking antibiotics to keep himself from dying. (Just like X-Dan!) You should have seen the volcano that erupted on his arm - the size of a golf ball!
` Anyway. ... ...
` Two days (or one day?) ago we picked up Director Nathan Lee from the train station in the middle of the snowstorm after midnight and then headed to Taco Bell to keep Nate from starving. (!) They were still open in all this - they should be proud, as the Pacific Northwest lacks the infrastructure to deal with heaps of snow on the road.
` When Nate pulled back the hood of his sweatshirt, we were shocked to see his hair a drastically different color.
` So, there's been more movie business going on. We watched The Ripple Effect - after the narration track took almost all day to render.
` I'd better get going. It's hard to write with Nate and Lou Ryan discussing the second episode of the trilogy.
` Mua ha ha ha ha haaaaa!


Galtron said...

Aaaa haaaa..... 4-20 day... are you suggesting something, Doctor?

I take it The Ripple Effect is the first of the three movies you speak of?

Can I see?

Not sure I want to see the 'volcano' though.

P.S. Tacos of the Sea? WTF, LOL and other abbreviations.

Cara said...

So from what colour to what colour did Director Nate dye his hair?

And do you like the new colour?

And the infection of B-Dizzle, is it Staph Aureus?



S E E Quine said...

` Me? Suggest something? Gosh, no!
` Indeed The Ripple Effect, unbeknownst to me until recently, actually exists for character-building for the next two. I admit I was disappointed that there was no conclusion at the end, but at least I know why now!
` I don't know if I can let anyone see it until it's officially made public. Such a darn!
` And FYI, Tacos of the Sea is actually the name when translated from Spanish. So mnyeh!

` Cara! Well, Nate's hair was originally dyed black, then it grew out. Now he's bleached the whole thing so it's now white with blond at the end.
` Indeed, MRSa stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. I think it's one of the first Superbugs ever. Grah!

KB said...

A fish burrito? That sounds disgusting. Is it tastier than it sounds?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Being a multi-blog blogger can be rather demanding at times.

S E E Quine said...

` KB - Fish is okay at Tacos of the Sea, though I prefer shrimp, which they stopped making (same thing with other burrito joints).
` At this amazing Mexican restaurant called Agua Verde (in Seattle's U District), all the food is amazing and the various kinds of fish burritos are no exception!
` Once I made Alaskan salmon burritos for myself and they were the best I've ever made!

` Nick - Indeed, and it doesn't help that I'm busy with a ton of other stuff like school and my own research and that darn thing called 'life'!
` However, my research for the Corregendopedia has not ceased, so you'll see some more stuff up soon. I think.