Monday, May 28, 2007

Yay! No school today! Also: Damning people is fun!

` ...That gives me one extra day to be completely absorbed in my homework, which is good because I'm not done. Thought I'd pop in to tell you I've been nearly finished with my next big post for a few days, it's just that I've been too busy to complete it. Indeed, I've taken the first of two attempts at an online psychology exam (39 out of 40! W00t!) and written up a few extra-credit assignments for that class.
` ...Not to mention waste about nine hours away from my computer waiting around for other people, filming an audition for Lou Ryan, and going to Cheshire Human's birthday party (which had lots of food and bellydancing!).
` I still have three critical assignments for Journalism class due on Tuesday (and another on Friday) as well as some math I need to do, so I don't think I have time today to get it done. But, to give you something to think about I figured I would display an interesting poem that my psychology teacher used to help demonstrate the

` ...And at that point, my computer restarted itself when it upgraded Clam AV because I mistakenly clicked 'OK' when it asked me if I wanted to restart now. What's that poem again?
` Oh, who cares? Here's an old draft that I keep forgetting to let see the light of day. As a bonus, I won't bother editing (explaining) it, just to make it more disturbing than it actually is!

I like damning people!

[Intro, various examples.]

` Once, I even 'damned' someone who dislikes religion with a passion and probably feels threatened by it, because teasing people about their insecurities/obsessions can be fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, this person, 'Sattvic Warrior', was too inundated with hostile responses from angry religious persons to pursue my joke:

thanks!!!!!!!! thats SO CHRISTIAN of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id didnt go into your site for no other reason im not into stupid people on power trips. .
have a nice day. or whatever it is people like your ilk do to have a nice day..

` I replied:

` I was hoping you would think it was funny and ironic....

` Sattvic Warrior wrote back:

thank you for getting back. and YES ... at first i thought you were another " hell and damantion " site. [ of which i get many of.].. so i just ignore them,,, but when i went to looked at it i thought it was VERY funny, AND very well put together. actually quite brilliant. . so thanks.. it IS funny .and ironic..
and glad you included me. . :)

` I replied to the reply:

` ^^ Yippee!

` And got another response:

your site is REALLY well done. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i applaude your creativity. . but frankly i would prefer my OWN sulfer bath.. . not being a snob of course. its just that Im not really into tar and feathers. .
its SOOOOOOOOOOo passe!!!!

` Then I said; 'That's not my website, actually' because it's not. (If it was, I would of course have one of my own rather than use Blogger. C'est la vie!)

` This is what I'm talking about! If you put your mouse cursor over SattvicWarrior, you will see something funny. (And if you put your cursor over 'Redeem Yourself' it's even funnier, though only we have access to that. Mua ha ha ha!!)

` Yes, that was my draft, in its entirety. Somewhat confusing, huh? That's why I can't just slap drafts up here, even though it may be over a week before I manage to complete a certain post I was planning to put up. In fact, most drafts are not even nearly that close to being complete or coherent.
` ...Especially picture posts - they're just pictures, a few words over top of them (general ideas for sentences, but not sentences themselves), and that's it. I accidentally posted one before one of my trips to Portland and was horrified to see it a day later. It looked like it was written by a brain-damaged monkey.
` So ya see, I have a lot of drafts, but they still take work before I can put 'em up. Oh... how I long for shortcuts!
` Well, gotta keep pluggin' and chuggin'! I'm tempted to ask MAL, my AI, just to do my assignments for me, but I don't think writing newspaper articles is in his programming. Bah! How would one go about programming that type of thing, anyway?


Galtron said...

At least I recognized what the draft was about, being a faithful reader in your blog. I read it almost religiously, heh heh.

I'm assuming your next big post is a "doozy!"

ChrisWoznitza said...

N´abend ;) Und alles klar bei dir ? Viele grüsse vom Kontinent Europa ;)

G-Man said...

Oh..That wasn't it?
You gotta another big blog comming?
The suspence is killing me!
I'll wait........

S E E Quine said...

` I'm super, Chris! I see all is well with you. The weather is so nice, iddn't it?

` Yes, G-man, this next post is really super-long and may or may not have commentary from actual scientist-type people.
` Assuming I can get any. (Kinda sounds funny coming from someone who can get a lot!)

Gareth said...

39/40 - WTG there. You have brains to burn girl. Noooooo, put the bunsen burner down! Geesh, don't take it literally. I take the brains thing back. Ho hum!!!
How did the audition go with Lou?

Und ..... Viele grüsse vom Kontinent Europa auch ;)

Jeff Vachon said...

At times like this I'm glad I'm a Buddhist! By the way, what did the German guy sat?

S E E Quine said...

` Yer funny, Gareth. By the way, I mentioned (and displayed) Lou's audition here.

` Jeff, I think the German guy said 'All is clear by you? Greetings from the continent of Europe!'
` I think it's neat that you can kinda tell these things just by looking.