Saturday, February 24, 2007

Changing Stain Populations on the Bathroom Ceiling

` While washing dishes in my ghetto lab shower yesterday, I noticed that most of the dark brown spots hanging from the Ceiling Paint Nodes on our bathroom ceiling are either gone or brown no more! These spots are actually the yellow nicotine deposits from a previous tenant, who, like my own PsychoDad, spent vast amounts of time smoking in the bathroom.
` (Come to think of it, PsychoDad would have you believe that nicotine stains are due to burnt toast....)
` Apparently, the utter lack of a resident smoker combined with copious quantities of shower condensation have resulted in most of the nicotine dripping off various Ceiling Paint Nodes to reveal a ceiling that is actually *gasp* white!

` Unfortunately, as nicotine is a potent poison to any living creature (merely the amount found in a nicotine patch would kill anyone who ate it), the rather ugly substance was having a profound effect on the local mildew population. Now that this poison is retreating, the mildew has come back to claim the surface it is most properly entitled to....

` I took this picture for sentimental purposes - it's time I used The Bleach Gun. Yes, mildew! Snicker now, at your degrading environmental toxins! It will be your last! Mua ha ha haa!


Dan said...

Hi Spoony! How's it going my friend? What's new ... outside of the neverending Tolysoyian battle between nicotine, mildew and your bleech gun? :)

Galtron said...

Beware the rogue mildew warriors! The'll come back when you least suspect it!

G-Man said...

Sequin, one must beware of the hazards of prolonged shower sex!

mizzbeehive1963 said...

May your battle against the fearsome and dreaded bathroom scum be quick and painless, and that you come out victorious!

May the force be with you!


S E E Quine said...

` I feel so loved here.... :D

Eudamonia said...

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Gareth said...

You should use your nails to scratch "SeeQuine wuz here" and then after you leave your plush home the next tenant will indeed know that he has inherited a bathroom that has been lived in. Then he will go and find the living room, or at least try to find it. When he is unsuccessful in finding it he will definitely know that the bathroom was indeed LIVED IN!! ;-)

Galtron said...

Either that, or make sure the bathroom is alive and clinking with tiny weapons. Then it really is a living room!

Kathryn said...

May I use your photo to add mildew to another photo in Photoshop for a class project?

S E E Quine said...

Yes you may! Thanks for asking! It's one of my ugliest photos ever! How did you find it?

Have fun!