Friday, January 12, 2007

I'll be back...

` In case you haven't noticed, I'm soon-to-be embarking on a mission to do something that many normal, non-poor Westerners do; spend several days trapped on a Huge Floating Island of Evil and Excess in the middle of the ocean.
` So, thought I'd dig up one of my drafts, which I've posted below. If you get bored over the course of the eight or nine days I'm gone, feel free to wander around my lab, or perhaps even into here (where many brand-new, high quality images dwell). Watch for the storks ;)

` And if you think what I've left you with here is pathetic, so crucify me!

` Ah, for the days of the Crappy Digital Camera (CDC). ...Or not. I'll be sure to bring back plenty of new FabCam photos from the Floating Island of Evil and Excess.
` Oh, and I almost forgot to mention; when I come back from the island, I promise you all a lot more original material here on this blog! Remember that! Okay? And now: I go!


Galtron said...

Original material? Like what kind? Scientific papers about new species of wackmobile you meet on the evil island? Your account of a real-life game of 'Survivor?' The effects that unfamiliar tap water has on your alien tape worms?

I'll be waiting! Or can you send posts back through time like you did with this one? ;)

G-Man said...

How can you be struggling, if your going on a cruise?

Galtron said...

Shhh! It's not a 'cruise,' it's an evil island!!!

Oh yeah, and I hope your wounds have healed over by now!

S E E Quine said...

` Greetings from Sunny California - just got in last night!

` Thank you, Galtron, my wounds have scarred over quite nicely. (They are actually carpet burns I got while having vigorous sex - the only sexual upside of having perpetual numbness so far!)
` Also, you are probably close there about what I will have to write about (depending on the madness that ensues).
` One thing I can probably count on is finding some believers with really... exotic ideas.
` Needless to say, I don't even need to leave my neighborhood for that: My one friend believes that there are walking, talking trees that are shepherds of the forest and speak in Old Entish, even though J.R.R. Tolkien made all that up for his mythology of Middle Earth!
` Now that's what I'm talking about! (Yes, it's the same friend who believes in humans with wings.)

` G-man, I got this cruise deal for $220 bucks! I expect that most people can afford that amount for a vacation. (Actually, I've never even been on vacation before!)
` Of course, I'm also missing school - thank goodness I'm already two weeks ahead of where I need to be!

G-Man said...

You deserve a break today!...Have fun.

Carpet burns where?

S E E Quine said...

` In the photo.

Galtron said...

200 bucks!? I though cruises were more like 2000 bucks! Now it all makes sense!

You know, Quine, I think your friend should get her own AM radio show.

Try not to get any more wounds!!

G-Man said...

I'm posting this because I miss you!