Friday, April 28, 2006

I don't want to leave you hanging....

` I regret to say that I have failed to remember that I've forgotten that the end of my next Noci-Notes post has not been completed and I will not get a chance to do so until Monday, as I am about to retreat to the mountains on a specimen-collecting expedition.
` Finally; a chance to test my prototype hiking boots!
` Nevertheless, I don't want to leave without providing some sort of bizarre post while I am gone. And so, here is about the strangest draft I have on stock:

` In recent weeks, I have come across some very unusual credit card spam. What made it so odd and unusual was the fact that it was in tricksy spam language, which is evidently a disguise to make it look somehow significant!
` To hopefully generate perplexedness in your minds, I have removed the credit card links and have displayed it in a poem-like format.

lurches disambiguation aboard mailings
shaping shrilled:Cenozoic?nook
Heckman deprave.
imperialism pill kitchenette cytoplasm
sequester Juddering Guenther applied incoherently Rorschach:
illustrator boggled pledge farmyards cuttings?
listless belie unfamiliarly Czech diagrammatically:
awry Stamford dealership!
pond fostering?
munitions Asheville aimlessly
Shiite moneys remotest crafty!
replica.revisiting Iliad mares?
smithereens emergencies levels.
Gauls?sheeted vexed
vex peeled provision drunken aiming?
insoluble:McPherson including bobbin neigh,contemplative
Stirling waived tiresomeness rationalizes!
promenade withdrawn hinting
imperviously arouse harshness symptoms
phosphate undetermined narration
lumped climatology extrovert.
interpretation biconvex matrimony.
swollen Sperry nonconsecutively couch functioned besotter!
caste nicker Donahue album

` Indeed. Random, computer-generated words. ...But they're such nice words!!!
` Strangely, this wad of gibberish actually seems to be quite similar to what Xenophon would compose and read - in his booming and beastlike voice - except that he at least displays proper grammatical usage of such words as 'Heckman' and 'biconvex'.
` I really must go now; anticipate my return on Monday!


Galtron said...

I was reading this post earlier. I have come across spam like that as well. I think it's supposed to trick filters or something.
Have fun on your mountain trip!! Maul some bears for me!

Aaron said...

Morphing need robot implications! Patriarch disintegrate, around plow dogged. Bernoulli domain solution leaves?

Gobble clockwork shine.

Have fun Spoony. Don't get bitten by, or bite, a snake.

S E E Quine said...

` Gobble clockwork shine. I likee.

` And yes, there were no snakes, though it was still exciting enough. Expect my next Noci-Notes tomorrow!