Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This blog is being monitored...

` a hit counter! And it will tally each computer that connects to this site exactly once, unless you outsmart it by means of disguise.
` I figured I might as well put one up for my own amusement, just to see how many hapless victims stumble their way into here.

` As for monitoring this hideout, I have discovered the source of the scrabbling sounds under my feet: A family of raccoons! Since they are not useful to me, I shall allow them to carry on as if I don't exist.
` Why continue to let raccoons inhabit the space benath my floor? Couldn't they potentially get in here and wreck the place?
` That actually isn't much of a concern, seeing as nearly all of my equipment is now packed up in raccoon-proof boxes. Why? I'm leaving here at around four in the morning.

` I should really go now, I need to pack the rest of my things.


monado said...

What, there's a mad scientist network? Why didn't somebody tell me?

I hope that you leave a note about the raccoons for the next human occupants of your crawlspace.


S E E Quine said...

` Of course there is! How do you think I got this way?

` And never mind about leaving a note - I prefer that whoever comes here next doesn't know that the raccoons have ever had any visitors, such as me.

Laura said...

I frequently check your hideout... I promise not to try to hide my idenity... not that I could ever figure that out... I'm proud I know how to work the microwave! Yea me!

Congratulations on figuring out who your roomies were. I'm sure they enjoyed having your company.