Friday, February 18, 2011

The Amazing Exploding Sea Vagina -- MYSTERY SOLVED!

I thought I'd already posted this last week, but since I have not, there's been more dead space than intended, and also, this is new to you!
` This video was brought to my attention by my former roommate Mike, only a couple of weeks before he and Joel moved out. (We have a new roommate moving in today already!) He asked me if I thought it was real. It is fairly obvious to me that two different types of special effects are used, as neither type even registered to me as being the same 'creature'.
` First, CG is apparently responsible for the several 'creatures' as they rush over the rock and out of view. Then, a realistic puppet is used for the one that isn't escaping but rather sitting quite still. When the young men flip it over, it has no apparent way of moving so quickly, but rather, some sort of vagina-like opening, which they then pour soda into until it squirts, then explodes.
` I said it looked like some sort of professional grade special effects, probably with some sort of overt sexual message, but I had no clue what the purpose of it would be. Watch for yourself:

Oh yes, there were many comments along the lines of "she squirts!" and so forth. Some people thought that these things were real, citing the fact that new species are being discovered all the time, and that the squirting/exploding looks so real that it can't be CG.
` Those things are beside the point -- the one that squirts/explodes is a puppet, and you can see the way they edited the close-ups that they're probably hiding people's hands or perhaps other mechanisms controlling the puppet.

I wasn't sure what else to make of it, and the only person I could think of to ask was....

That's his latest video -- he says he has another on the way. Can't wait! I posted my question on his Facebook page, and here's what happened:
  • Nicholas Gunther Schaefer I believe that this may have been an attempt to find a loophole in the Japanese law requiring genitalia to be pixelated in porn.
    January 29 at 7:51pm ·
  • Spoony Quine I've never heard of Japanese porn being pixellated, from uh, colorful descriptions I've heard, yes, that's it, but you know, that's a good point: They might be doing this to see how much they can get away with! I mean, come on, it even squirts realistically! Lolol!
    January 30 at 5:45pm ·
  • Captain Disillusion Uh, nice guesses :P. But looks like this is one of a series of short films by famous Japanese horror producer Taka Ichise (The Ring, The Grudge). It's called "Mystery Meatballs" and you can watch the full version (and the other films) here:
THANKS CAPTAIN D!!! He's the greatest, isn't he, folks? (Mystery Meatballs is up on the right-hand stack of TVs on that web page.) I gotta hug that guy, seriously. He's the best. He goes to TAM every year, I think, so maybe I'll meet him when I finally go there!


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