Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flikr at last!

In my Flikr photo album, which I'm going to use for my website, you can check out all my photos from May!

Included in this album are moving into my current digs - much better than the condemned Crazy Landlady house - and with such a nice view!

am127 Garden's almost moved...

With our view comes sunsets!

am154 Red and yellow sunset!

And of course, many pictures of my happy kittehs both inside the house...

am181 Dis is my favorite sunlight!

And outside, frolicking with me!

mj058 So many stairs for such a small cat!

And have I mentioned the view? There's ferry boats and everything!

am336 Ferry lit up

Oh yeah... and real evidence that the cats have graduated from chasing sticks to chasing Frisbees....

mj120 Vada charges Frisbee

Go Vada!

So whaddaya say? View my photos? (Please do. It cost me 26 bucks to upload them all in one month, so I can move onto other months, etc....)

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