Monday, December 25, 2006

The Sun: Starting to make a comeback, and not a moment too soon!

` As my access to MAL has been rather sporadic, I haven't been able to keep up with my blog too well despite the fact that I have nearly completed three new original posts. (They are somewhat long.)
` So, to put a dent in the lull, I thought I'd hastily and haphazardly comment about the weather, as cliché as that may sound. You see, whilst I was uploading some photos today, a realization struck me: This entire month has given the area practically nothing but gray skies. Is it so unbelievable that just two months ago the weather was almost always clear?
` Yet, as far back as the entire month of October, the sky was perfectly cloudless almost all the time. As proof, I have taken a set of photos with my Crappy Digital Camera (CDC) of a particular scene at different times.
` This first one was from early September, when the leaves had first began to turn yellow:

` Later on in the month, they began showing their 'true colors'.

` By October, many of the leaves were downright orange!

` In early November (or possibly late October), the last of the leaves had finally dropped off - and yet it was still reasonably clear most of the time!

` The 'real' rain didn't really even start until around Thanksgiving. And when it rained, it poured... and then it snowed! (Snow is actually quite unusual until February.) Now, it's gray almost constantly... and it's driving me nuts!
` Not only that, but there are only about six hours of daylight as of late: Around the summer solstice, there's more like six
teen hours of daylight! I almost want to wail to the sky and scream, "Why does the sun have to go away so much!?"
` A tilted axis is a crazy thing.
` All I can say is this - thank goodness the winter solstice has passed! (And I hope you had a most Terrifying Cephalopodmas!) We should be getting new flowers and leaves around early to mid-February. Of course, that's only been a recent phenomenon - ten years ago the flowers stayed in the ground until March. I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised, considering that Global Warming is becoming more noticeable.
` Well, I for one absolutely adore warmth about now, so hooray for Global Warming! ...Then again, only one of our glaciers (which we depend upon for water) has not drastically shrunk over the years. And I like water... and so does the local rainforest... egads!... And if this place becomes a desert - like the one on the other side of the mountains - then it will be even colder in the winter!
` So, maybe Not-Hooray for Global Warming.

` Anyhow, thank you for tolerating my pointless rambling until I am finally ready to put up one of my more... um... suitable posts.


Dan said...

Nice photos showing the progression of time.

I'm glad the weather is looking up for you!

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you, 'lightning comment' Dan! I agree! The weather is looking up... before this place dries up, anyway.

` Also, I thought people would like those photos, and I can tell you that they are only going to be looking up as well: Lou got me a new NON-CRAPPY digital camera for Cephalopodmas!!
` Is that not spectacular? A jump from 2.0 to 7.1 megapixels is a very large one indeed!
` Can't wait to test it out on my unwillling subjects!

Gareth said...

Those photos are very nice indeed all except for the last one but not for the reason you are thinking. If in doubt and if there are no other hiding places a leprechaun will use a tree for coverage but as those trees were naked at that time I think perhaps that escape route would be a little fool hardy even for me.
Looking forward to seeing some pictures from your incredible all singing all dancing camera :)

Dan said...

S E E, going from 2.0 to 7.1 is, like, finding nirvana ... or something.

I just spent about 10 minutes just "looking" at your blog. So many photos. I'm dizzy. I'm almost always dizzy, but now even more so. Your blog is packed with more photos than the National Archives. But that's a good thing!

I can only imagine what the coming days will bring with 7.1.

Keep it up! I love your style!

S E E Quine said...

` Gareth, you are so silly! Stop making me want to kiss you, dammit!

` Thank you, Dan! And 'finding Nirvana' is about right: I just about freaked when I discovered that a picture I had taken of myself with this camera clearly shows which of my pores are clean and which have dirt in them! I actually wanted to wash my face upon seeing it!

Galtron said...

I second that! This is actually the only reason why I prefer crazy hours at work -- back when I worked a regular 9-to-5 job I got no sunlight whatsoever! During that time I developed this mantra: "Thank God I don't live in Alaska."

Oh, and, love the pictures (as usual). I can't wait to see what happens when you use your new camera for this! Please show us your pores soon, as well!

S E E Quine said...

` Oh, you'll get so many pores! You won't know what to do with them!

G-Man said...

Sequin, I'm no scientist, so I have a verrry tough time following your highly educated train of thought. And believe me I've tried many times. This is the closest that I've come to appreciating what you have to offer the world. And I still don't know what the fuck you are talking about!
But I shall endeavor to perservere.
I DO know this, you watch Twilight Zone reruns....Galen

S E E Quine said...

` I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, here, either!

` And, as I don't even have a TV, I am not able to watch Twilight Zone reruns... not that I need to! >:^D

G-Man said...

Did I say you needed a TV to be in the Twilight Zone?

Gareth said...

Are the trees still naked or can I climb up one now because I fear the Head Gnome is after me. It's not funny, he's like the Gnome family's answer to the Mafia except shorter, green, more hair and a different accent but he's still a hard-nosed meanie with a body odour problem!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Good point, G-man.

` Sorry, Gareth, the leaves do not grow back until February. Hmmm... Gnomes can be wily creatures... I know, I tried to snatch the pants off one once!
` Why don't you come to Mexico with Lou and I? Even if he does manage to track you down, there should be plenty of leaves to hide in!