Sunday, November 05, 2006

Next time someone tells me homosexuality isn't natural....

` I for one have literally seen that it is! For one thing, I've seen video of bonobos - chimpanzees' oversexed cousins - occupying an entire tree for their large and raucous bisexual orgies. I've also seen videos of dolphins doing similar things (though not in trees!) and for both species, this is an everyday activity.
` Furthermore, I have seen video footage of one male animal, such as an elephant, dominating another by humping him! That's not really the same thing, but it is clear that such animals do this regularly - therefore it's a behavior that, like wallowing in the mud, is in an animal's genes!
` Thank goodness there's an exhibit where we all can go and see the quite natural act of... uh... a male giraffe taking it up the ass:


Nature 443, 895 (26 October 2006)

Snapshot: But is it natural?

Alison Abbott

Doors open on exhibition of animal homosexuality.

When Norway's museums authority called for ideas for an exhibition that engaged with contemporary societal debates, Geir Söli, head of exhibitions at Oslo's Natural History Museum, had just the theme. He had been listening to a priest arguing on the radio that homosexuality is a sin and contrary to nature.

People can only make up their minds about whether such behaviour is 'unnatural' if they know the current state of research on homosexuality in nature, he reasoned.

No sooner had the authority approved his proposal than church groups began to protest against this use of public money. But Against Nature? An Exhibition on Animal Homosexuality opened peacefully at the Natural History Museum on 12 October to wide acclaim. It will run until next August.

Söli focused the exhibition around 50 species, out of the 500 or so in which homosexual behaviour has been well documented. The exhibition comprises photographs, stuffed animals, models and other objects, along with explanatory text in Norwegian and English.

Two male giraffes are shown here indulging in roadside sex. Such encounters have been recorded in the literature as involving anal penetration and ejaculation. The inset shows two male whales (Eubalaena australis) engaged in sexual games.

` That's right! So you hear anyone say that being gay is an abomination because 'only people do it, therefore it's unnatural' - which I have been told myself, along with 'being gay is a choice' - just drag them to Oslo's Natural History Museum! Sure!


Gareth said...

I'm still thinking of that funny image of a dolphin sitting up a tree eating 'nuts' ;)

Galtron said...

Boo-yaaaaa! Porn fodder for people who are into bestiality!!

Anonymous said...

How can you tell the other giraffe is male?

S E E Quine said...

` Because only male giraffes have large knots in front of their horns and on their snouts - and if you will notice, they have the same headgear.

mizzbeehive1963 said...

Yay, I've got the gay!