Monday, September 04, 2006

Steven R. Olsen - my third visit... still nothing!

` It's been three weeks and $355. I still feel the same. Qr. Olsen was actually quite surprised that the willow remedy he'd given me hadn't had any effect - that was two strikes!
` Lou, however, thinks that the first remedy did have a little bit of effect, though I think it is perfectly explainable by the fact that I've become less nervous and hesitant over the months and getting my emotions back from discontinuing my Square Patch has helped boost my extroversion. Put simply, that is what has happened. However, he doesn't think that can explain it, even though I am used to such incremental and piecemeal changes in emotional development (which sometimes appear more dramatic to other people who cannot keep track of what is going on in my head).
` Seriously, Lou's enthusiasm is somewhat bothersome to me, which makes me feel tense as I show more and more emotional improvements as usual.
` Qr. Olsen, at least, seems perplexed.
` Now, Olsen said that the willow milk-sugar remedy I got last-last Friday was supposed to have cleared up at least most of my numbness. ("It usually has that effect," he said.) I could not perceive any change at all.
` Because of that, when I went to see him last Friday, he switched the numbness remedy to vodka - I mean, quinine. (Also, he was quite surprised by the fact that I'd told him all about quinine and its significance to homeopathy and asked me if I'd read his book - which I haven't yet, and am not particularly looking forward to.)
` Well, it's Monday already and nothing has happened so far. I still feel the same. Lou is still doubtful that I'm totally unresponsive to homeopathy (much less that homeopathy breaks the laws of physics or is just a placebo) and is willing to spend more money on me because he cares about my health so much. Whatever floats his boat.


Mizzbeehive1963 said...

Hi!!!! I miss you!!!!! Silly numbness!!!!!!!!

S E E Quine said...

` I miss you too! That darn numbness sure is silly! I'm not entirely sure what is causing it.
` I've been forgetting to call you lately, probably because I've been amazingly busy. Bad Nova, bad!!!

mizzbeehive1963 said...

will I see you later tonight at poetry at zippys?

Galtron said...

Don't you guys have not a terribly large amount of money? Why is he continuing to pay for remedies that are not working?

S E E Quine said...

` Ahhh... as it's currently Poetry Time now, I guess not. I wish I weren't so wrapped up in a secret project that I didn't even have time to work on for three days because I was busy doing stuff with my mom.

` And Galtron, he does it because he loves me and wants me to get better, and thinks that it's unlikely that I won't respond to any remedy.
` Even though I know it's wrong to have someone waste precious money - especially someone who's trying to save up right now - I don't know how else to handle someone who absolutely believes that it will help me.