Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Steven R. Olsen - my fouth visit... I'm waiting!

` A photo of my view across the Trestle on my way to Qr. Olsen's:

` So, Lou has spent a grand total of $410 on this homeo-whatsis and it's still not doing any good. Not that it shocks me. I told Qr. Olsen about my susceptability to having things all in my head, and you'll never believe this remedy: Peregrine Falcon!
` How that even fits in with the dogma of homeopathy, beats me. I mean, it's like cures like, right? So... is this supposed to make me less falcon-like?
` I don't get it.
` In any case, he gave me bird extract because the conventional remedies weren't having any effect. That doesn't surprise me.
` Lou is telling me that he hopes I haven't convinced myself it won't work. I'm sorry, but the burden of proof is on him. And with all the medical studies of the world, it doesn't look too good.
` In fact, he thinks the first remedy for my emotions worked. Well, now that I have thought about it and can word it better: While I was on the Square Patch, it made me suffer starvation of emotions and I became dull. At the same time, I gradually became less timid without any anxiety to get in the way.
` When I got rid of the Square Patch, my emotions came flooding back all at once a couple of days before I saw Qr. Olsen, whereupon I felt gut-wrenching dread. At the same time my tendency to be less timid stayed. I expected that because whenever I become less timid and undergo other temporary changes, I don't revert back to a timid state. It's very plain to me what had happened.
` Well, he's convinced himself that it will work and will continue to spend more money on this treatment. I, on the other hand, will continue to roll my eyes.
` ...By the way, we're going off to see the famous skeptic Michael Shermer tonight: He's going to be talking about Intelligent Design - a subject I already know too much about, but damn I'd really like to see him! Since Lou is highly medicated after slamming a nail into his hand, he figures he can attend without yelling at any ID-ists that may speak out in the audience.
` ...Amusingly, I shall also have to refrain from mentioning to him that Shermer is one of the skeptics whose arguments against homeopathy he thought to be even worse than those for Intelligent Design!

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